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We’ve told you before that our editor is always looking for things for the #IntheNOLAbaby (aka Gabriel aka Godzilla) to get into. From pumpkin patches in Hammond to bounce houses in Esplanade Mall, this boy is always getting into something.
Most recently, Gabriel was a student at Thibodeaux School of Music (TSM), locally owned and operated by husband-wife-toddler trio, Madeline, Paul, and Sebastien Thibodeaux, where he was taking weekly Kindermusik classes, “a music and movement program for 0-6 year olds that focuses on whole-child development.”
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When we first tell someone that Master Gabriel goes to music school, their reaction is usually one of amusement and bewilderment: “He’s only six months old. What in the world could he be doing in music school?”

Funny thing is, we thought the same thing when we first came across the Thibodeaux School of Music (TSM). Nonetheless, since our editor is constantly on the look out for anything and everything to get Master Gabriel into, she tried it out when Gabriel was only three months old and has been going ever since (he’s now six months).

‘Thibodeaux School of Music’ brings the love of music to young New Orleanians |

Locally owned and operated by husband-wife-baby trio, Paul, Madeline, and Sebastien Thibodeaux, Thibodeaux School of Music is a music oasis. Trumpets and pianos in one room, drums and violins in another, singing and dancing with the little ones, one-on-one lessons with the bigger ones…music from the moment you walk in until the moment you dance and sing out.

For owners Paul and Madeline, accomplished musicians in their own right, music has been a part of their lives since childhood. “I started off singing and playing trombone in elementary school,” said Madeline, “and Paul played in band in elementary school as well. Although neither of us came from particularly musical families, we were both encouraged from a young age to pursue our musical interests. I received my bachelor’s degree in Music Education from Loyola. In high school, Paul studied drums at NOCCA and then received his bachelor’s degree in Jazz Performance from UNO.”

‘Thibodeaux School of Music’ brings the love of music to young New Orleanians |

After teaching in various places, Paul and Madeline decided to open up their own school. “Paul and I were both teaching privately at various locations, including our students’ homes, and we wanted to have all of our work in one place! So we thought, ‘Why not hire teachers for all other instruments that we don't teach and have a REAL school for both children and adults?’”

And that’s what Paul and Madeline did. Opened in 2011, Thibodeaux School of Music has provided “a top-quality music education” to New Orleanians from age zero all the way to adults for the past three years. “At TSM, we offer Kindermusik classes for ages 0-6 and private lessons on all instruments. Yes, ALL of them for ages 6-adults. We are also starting to offer more types of group classes, such as rock bands, jazz bands, music theory, etc.”

‘Thibodeaux School of Music’ brings the love of music to young New Orleanians |

For Paul and Madeline, the rewards for operating TSM are endless. “The biggest reward for us is being able to witness children growing, learning, and developing right before our very eyes,” mused Madeline. “We love seeing families connect through music and we are honored that our amazing families have chosen us to be the place where that happens. Another reward is being able to raise our own child in such an open, loving, fun, educational setting. Sebastien is so outgoing and friendly with all the families that come through our school and all the students and parents are so lovely with him.”

And just who could forget about that Sebastien (or “Sebby” as he’s more affectionately known). “Our son, Sebastien, is a year old. He has been surrounded by music since conception! He started singing back to me when he was about 6 weeks old. He loves to dance, clap his hands, play around with all kinds of instruments, and sing! Recently, he's been showing interest in piano lessons because he keeps trying to sneak into the piano room when there is a lesson going on in there. But there's still 4-5 more years of Kindermusik before we get him started with private lessons!”

‘Thibodeaux School of Music’ brings the love of music to young New Orleanians |

Madeline and Paul are also excited about the future of TSM. “We have big growth plans for the school!” she said. “Right now, I am participating in the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program, which is focused on helping small businesses develop a growth plan. We're focusing our growth on two initiatives: 1) adding more group classes for new and current students, and 2) reaching out to the homeschooling community to give them music education opportunities tailored to their specific needs.”

In addition, TSM will be at the upcoming Freret St. Festival this Saturday, April 5 for those who would like more information and they will be having a student showcase at Gasa Gasa (4920 Freret St.) for 1:00pm that same afternoon. “On Sunday, April 6, we are going to be hosting an Instrument Petting Zoo, where kids can come and try out all the different instruments, meet our teachers, and decide what instrument they would like to play. This event has limited space, so parents need to register their kids in advance (ages 6+). And lastly, this summer we are doing a summer camp: Summer Music Camp on Freret St.! To register for any of the above, parents just need to give us call or shoot us an email!”

‘Thibodeaux School of Music’ brings the love of music to young New Orleanians | IntheNOLA.comSo are you interested in enrolling with Paul and Madeline at the Thibodeaux School of Music? Well, your first class or lesson is free!

For more information about the Thibodeaux School of Music, visit the website and Facebook.

UPDATE: Do you know a great mom (or Dad!) who would love to share the gift of music with their child?  Mom-i-nate them to win one free month of either private lessons or Kindermusik classes, and if they’re selected, you’ll win, too!  Click here for more information and to submit your mom-i-nation!

Thibodeaux School of Music
2436 Valence St.
NOLA 70115
(504) 717-1076
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

*Thibodeaux School of Music is a Sponsored Business Spotlight. For inquiries about having your local business spotlighted, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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