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Meet Little Momma | Maltese mix

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Who’s fryin’ at the 2017 National Fried Chicken Festival? Featured

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If you were able to get some fried chicken at last year’s Fried Chicken Festival (FCF) at Lafayette Square, then you were definitely one of the lucky ones. With attendance at 40,000 plus, everybody wanted them some chicken!
If you haven’t seen by now, this year’s Festival has moved to a bigger location (Woldenberg Park), spread itself over two days (Sept. 23 and 24), and added more vendors (almost ten total) to meet our dying need for fried chicken!
Let’s take a roll call of who’ll be showing up.

From the Greater New Orleans area, we got: Bayou Hot Wings, Belle’s Diner, Heard Dat Chicken, Dat Dog, Diva Dog, Dunbar’s, Frazier’s Connection, Jazz City Café, Koz’s, Lamar’s Creole Wings, McHardy’s Chicken N’ Fixins, Ma Momma’s House of Cornbread, Old School Eats, The Original Fiorellas’ Café, Porter & Luke’s, Roux Bistro, The Swamp Kitchen, Sweet Legacy, Tiger’s Creole Cuisine, We Dat’s Chicken & Shrimp, Willie’s Chicken Shack, and Willie Mae’s Scotch House Restaurant.
In addition to the local and regional vendors, this year’s FCF will also feature a number of national vendors including Boxcar Betty’s from Charleston, SC; Gus’s Fried Chicken from Memphis, TN; Hattie’s Restaurant from Saratoga Springs, NY; Pollo from Louisville, KY; and Salthouse Catering from Charleston, SC.

Returning vendor and winner of the 2016 Best Fried Chicken award, Kelly Fiorella of The Original Fiorellas’ Café is excited to participate in the Festival again. “We had so much fun last year for the inaugural event!” said Kelly. “We are just as excited this year as we were last year because the ante has been raised now that it’s ‘national.’ I’m sure I speak for the other local guys in this with us in saying that we don’t want some ‘outsider’ coming in here and showing us up in what we all do best, but it’s going to be a great event no matter what!”
Willie Mae’s Scotch House Restaurant, another fried chicken favorite and returning vendor, enjoyed last year’s Festival as well. “Last year was such a great start for the Fried Chicken Festival,” said General Manager Wellington Stewart. “And being that Willie Mae’s is known for the best fried chicken in America, how could we not be take part in it?! The growth to a bigger venue is great and we’re ready to make an impression on the large crowd expected to attend.”
Swamp Kitchen’s Casey Bergeron, Rand Owens, and Madison McIntyre will also be returning to this year’s Festival. “The 2016 Fried Chicken Festival was such an overwhelming success that we had to return! The crowds, the production, and the end results were far above our expectations. We’re looking forward to the new location, monster crowds, and our beautiful fried chicken.”
Newcomers to the Festival, but certainly not to New Orleans, Dunbar’s Creole Cooking, will be out with their fried chicken. A New Orleans favorite before Hurricane Katrina, Dunbar’s recently reopened their restaurant after having been closed for the last ten years. For Dunbar’s, the Fried Chicken Festival represents “a great opportunity to reintroduce Dunbar’s Creole Cuisine to everyone,” expressed Business Manager Peggy Ratliff.

National vendor, Hattie’s Restaurant from the Big Apple, is ready to show the Big Easy how they do fried chicken! “It’s our first time participating in the Festival and we’re ready to make it a tradition,” Jasper Alexander, chef and co-owner of Hattie’s explained. “I can’t wait to bring my crew and share some fried chicken love with the fine people of New Orleans!”
We’re sure you don’t want to miss out on all this fried chicken goodness, so be sure to put the National Fried Chicken Festival on your calendars for Saturday, Sept. 23 and Sunday, Sept. 24 at Woldenberg Park!
For more information about the National Fried Chicken Festival, please visit the website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
Last modified on Friday, 22 September 2017
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