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Meet Diamond | DSH

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Movin’ and shakin’ NOLA mamas: Jazz singer Anais St. John

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We’re still celebrating our awesome NOLA mamas this month!
Anaïs St. John (Jazz singer and music educator), Elle (8 years old), and Zoe (24 years old)
When jazz singer Anaïs St. John isn’t busy showcasing her amazing vocals at events and festivals around the city, she’s showing daughter Elle and stepdaughter Zoe the ropes!

“I love being a mother in New Orleans,” Anaïs smiled. “We’re able to raise our children in one of the most eclectic cities in the country that celebrates life, music, food, and culture.”

She continued, “My eight-year-old, Elle, is a kind and sweet child. She is empathetic and consistently puts others before herself. When I think of snuggling with Elle, I smile. She attends Trinity Episcopal School, a gentle, generous, truthful, kind, and brave school. I work there as the music teacher, so I get to see her everyday.”
“My stepdaughter Zoe is a strong and independent young woman who has a solid understanding of herself,” added Anaïs. “When I think about the confident young woman that Zoe has become, I smile.”
Words of advice from Anaïs?In order to be a good mom, you have to be good to yourself,” she concluded.
Here are some of Anaïs’ favorites:
Favorite Park:
Anaïs: We really enjoy going to City Park.
Favorite Snowball Stand:
Anaïs: Pandora’s on Carrollton.
Favorite Restaurant:
Anaïs: Lola’s Restaurant in Mid City.
Other Favorites:
Anaïs: We also love walking along the river, catching the ferry to the French Quarter, and going to the many festivals in the city.

Last modified on Wednesday, 31 May 2017
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