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Meet Little Momma | Maltese mix

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Springtime IntheNOLA with Torrence L. Taylor: Festivals, fashion, and food!

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Over the last few weeks, we’ve had the pleasure of featuring some of our favorite New Orleanians sharing their #SpringtimeIntheNOLA things. From the Office of Black Catholic Ministries’ Dr. Ansel Augustine to WGNO’s Kenny Lopez to Tales of the Cocktail’s Ann Tuennerman to burlesque’s Trixie Minx, you should now have a pretty good idea of what you should be doing during the spring in New Orleans!

Today, we have our final New Orleanian sharing his favorites, fashion extraordinaire Torrence L. Taylor, President of Southern Style International. So what does a well-dressed man do in the springtime in New Orleans? Well, there are festivals (of course) and food (double of course). And with Mr. Taylor, you definitely can’t leave out the fashion!
“Springtime in New Orleans is all about the festivals, fashion, and food!” he confirmed. “Where other places are still struggling with jackets and sweaters, we’re enjoying our spring clothing with our (most-times) great weather. So take the time to look your best in the city that’s so pretty during this time!”
Here are some of Torrence’s favorites in the spring:
Favorite Festival
Torrence: All festivals matter :), but Jazz Fest is the MOTHER! I can’t wait for my barbecue turkey wing and white beans.
Favorite Musicians/Bands
Torrence: Bamboula 2000 is always a must see.  
Favorite Snowball Stand
Torrence: Red Rooster on Clara St. Uptown is the perfect place for a meal and a snowball for under $10. My favorite flavor is Tiger’s Blood.
Favorite Po-Boy
Torrence: The shrimo po-boy at Estrada’s inside the Roux Carre on Oretha Castle Haley Blvd. is one many need to taste! 
Favorite Happy Hour
Torrence: Handsome Willy’s Bar & Café is a cool spot for 
happy hour. 
Favorite Place to Get Boiled Crawfish
Torrence: Honestly, I prefer eat them at a cookout. There are some things I just need home-cooked: gumbo, red beans, and crawfish! But if I had to choose, I would say J & J seafood in Gretna. 

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Last modified on Monday, 01 May 2017
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