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Meet Ali | Pit Bull mix

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Springtime IntheNOLA with Trixie Minx: Parades and birthdays

Written by
(Photo Credit: Trashy Diva)
Office of Black Catholic Ministries’ Dr. Ansel Augustine, WGNO’s Kenny Lopez, and Tales of the Cocktail’s Ann Tuennerman sure know how to enjoy #SpringtimeIntheNOLA!
Up next, we got Miss Burlesque herself, the fabulous Trixie Minx as our latest #SpringtimeIntheNOLA feature!
When we asked Trixie what came to mind when she thought of spring in New Orleans, she didn’t hesitate with her answer…the Chris Owens Easter Parade!
(Photo Credit: Bob "Moose" Kustra)

“I truly believe that when Chris Owens and all the other Easter parades roll down the streets of the French Quarter in elaborately decorated hats and costumes, we are giving the spring season a proper New Orleans welcome!” Trixie mused.
She cotinued, “Truthfully, New Orleans is not really a city known for its subtlety and that goes for the weather in that we seem to have either a hot or a cold season, not an in between like spring. However, if you’re lucky enough to experience it, it is truly a magical moment when the city seems to bloom out in the open rather than being tucked away in bars and venues.”
Trixie concluded, “While each season is distinct in its own special way, I feel like the warmth of spring encourages everyone that gives our city a heart beat to come out and play. I’m also a bit biased in that my birthday is May 5 and often coincides with Jazz Fest so it sort of feels like everyone in NOLA is partying and celebrating with me!”
Here are some of Trixie’s favorites in the spring (Left Photo Credit: Trashy Diva):
Favorite Festival
Trixie: French Quarter Fest has always been one of my favorites because it’s a free festival that features so many amazing local musicians. We have a ton of amazing performers in our city and this festival is a beautiful platform for them to share what they do to a larger audience.
The New Orleans Wine & Food Festival has also been a longtime favorite of mine because I get to work with them on a burlesque-inspired dessert competition called the Big Gateaux Show. Seriously, it doesn’t get much better than wearing sparkly panties and eating your cake too!
I’m also really, REALLY excited about the first ever NOLA Mac N Cheese Festival coming up in October. I love cheese and have already started training so I can eat as much as possible!
Favorite Musicians/Band
Trixie: I’ve said this before and I'm more than happy to say it again: In a city that is literally made of music, this question is unfair! There are SO many wonderful musicians working in every corner of our Crescent City that to pick just one would be a disservice to both them and the readers.

Favorite Snowball Stand
Trixie: SnoWizard Uptown. I bounce back and forth on my favorite between Dreamsicle Cream or Strawberry Cream.

Favorite Happy Hour
Trixie: Domenica! I can’t cook so I’m always hungry! And while I can’t tell you any of the drink specials for Happy Hour at Domenica, I can tell you that all their pizzas are 1/2 priced every day from 2:00pm-5:00pm!
Favorite Place to Get Boiled Crawfish
Trixie: Big Fisherman Seafood on Magazine St. is my favorite for buying boiled crawfish, but I like it best when my friends do their own unique crawfish boils. Backyard boils don’t always come out right, but I enjoy how everyone has their own style. Side note: I used to live really close to Big Fisherman Seafood and would always see rogue crawfish running up and down Magazine St. I’m pretty sure there is a secret community of escaped crustaceans around there!
Lil’ Lagniappe
Trixie: The best part of New Orleans any time of the year is that we truly live life in this beautiful, broken city. Take a moment to step away from work, phone, or whatever is holding you back and go out, have a fun, and experience something real. Life is short, so get a drink and party with your people!
More Lagniappe
Trixie: You can see me perform Fridays at Burgundy Burlesque (from 9:00pm-Midnight) at the Saint Hotel and later at Burlesque Ballroom (11:00pm-1:00am) at the Royal Sonesta Jazz Playhouse, every Tuesday at Bourbon Boylesque (8:00pm-10:00pm) at Oz, and monthly at my Fleur de Tease show at One Eyed Jacks. For more information on these shows, upcoming events, or any other inquiries, please visit

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Last modified on Tuesday, 25 April 2017
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