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Meet Zeus | Brindle Terrier/GSD mix

Meet Zeus | Brindle Terrier/GSD mix

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Springtime IntheNOLA with Dr. Ansel Augustine: Food, fun, and food!

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Aside from Mardi Gras, spring has got to be the favorite season for New Orleanians. The weather’s kind of perfect, there are festivals galore, and it just feels damn good. 
So what’s a New Orleanian to do with all this? Enjoy, of course!
For Dr. Ansel Augustine, Director of the Office of Black Catholic Ministries for the Archdiocese of New Orleans, spring is all about “food, fun, and…food!” he smiled. “I’m a #fatboy from the 6th Ward, so I really like food!”

He continued, “In the spring, the weather starts warming up, but it’s not too hot and not humid yet, the days get longer, people feel more energetic and lively, and they have more fun. Plus with all the festivals, we always have something to do.”
He concluded, “If I had to describe spring to someone not from here, I would simply say, ‘Come get a lil’ piece of Heaven!” 
Here’s are some of Ansel’s favorites in the spring:
Favorite Festival
Ansel: Although not officially called a festival, I love Uptown Super Sunday featuring the black masking Mardi Gras Indians. I’m proud to run with the Wild Tchoupitoulas.
Favorite Musicians/Bands
Ansel: During Jazz Fest, I love catching my favorite local acts: Dee-1, T-Ray the Violinist, the Indians, and especially my church choir, St. Peter Claver. My favorite out of town act is Stevie Wonder. 
Favorite Snowball
Ansel: I’ll hit up Pandora’s Snowballs on Carrollton occasionally to get a wedding cake with condensed milk snowball aka #fatboywithasweettooth
Favorite Po-Boy
Ansel: My favorite hole in the wall is Favori Deli to get a fried chicken po-boy. I’m drooling just thinking about it!
Favorite Happy Hour
Ansel: Any one that my friends drag me to as long as it has great people with great attitudes! If you’re stuck up and ruining the vibe, ya gots ta go
Favorite Place to Get Boiled Crawfish
Ansel: Anywhere that’s free aka #fatboyonabudget
Lil’ Lagniappe
Ansel: You can also catch me at Dooky Chase’s Restaurant (red beans & rice with fried chicken), The Half Shell Oyster Bar & Grill (jerk chicken wings), The Munch Factory (backyard burger twins), or Bayou Breakfast (Nola fo’Sho omelette). Aintnoplacelikehome!

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Last modified on Tuesday, 04 April 2017
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