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Working Out IntheNOLA: The Barre Code

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With 32 days gone already in 2017, if you’re like us, you’re looking to start February “fresh.”
Sure, you had all the best intentions with your New Year’s resolutions…eat more green stuff, eat less carbs and sugar, drink more water, drink less alcohol, try meditation and yoga, only eat king cake on Fridays (definitely need luck on that one), work out 3-5 times per week, etc., but that doggone January just might have gotten away from you!
Well, since it’s officially the beginning of February, you can at least start your fitness goals anew with your first class at The Barre Code in Lakeview.
For our first class, we made the trek from Gentilly to Lakeview and were immediately welcomed at the studio. And for the next 50 or so minutes, our instructor welcomed our sleeping muscles out of their cocoons and pushed them to exhaustion. We were shaking and burning at the end of it…and LOVED it!
Barre Code owner Kelley Hunter Ellis, a New Orleans native and graduate of Benjamin Franklin High School and Tulane University where she received her master’s degree in social work, grew up taking classical ballet classes and eventually began running marathons as an adult in addition to opening a private therapy practice.

(Photo below by Michael Wong)
When “barre” classes became popular, Kelly was right there. “As a therapist, for years, I’ve worked with people with body image and self-esteem issues,” she said. “I learned about the Barre Code through a friend and I really fell in love with the philosophy. The Barre Code is built around a mantra that is all about building strength and believing in yourself. The positive self-esteem, community-based approach felt like something that we were missing in the New Orleans fitness market.” 
She continued, “At the Barre Code, we offer classes in barre, cardio, and restoration. We have a number of different class formats ranging from a barre and stretch class to high intensity interval training (HIIT) to boot camp type classes. People of all fitness levels can take all of our classes. They are great for those who have never exercised in addition to those who are frequent exercisers.” 
For our first class, we took the signature “Barre Code” class with our awesome instructor, Claire. For 50 minutes using isometric holds and heavy repetition, we went through the different muscle groups working each one “to fatigue to develop muscle stamina and endurance.” And we for sure felt the “shake and burn” that is described in the class description!

In addition to offering a myriad of classes in cardio, strength training, and restoration, the Barre Code also provides a helpful hand for moms who are wanting to workout, but might not have a babysitter. “We are offering childcare for up to five children at specified classes during the week in our Kid’s Room,” Kelley explained. “We love our little room and so far, we have had a few children in while their moms work out. We charge $6 per class per child and any age is great. We love the little ones around here. Two of our instructors are pregnant and my grandson used to nap in his Pack ‘n Play while his mom worked the front desk!”
For those of you looking to get on track while the new year is still young, the Barre Code will give you a great change of pace from your normal gym routines. Kelley concluded, “The Barre Code emphasizes a strong fitness community to build strength, endurance, and flexibility. People feel better, sleep better, and have an overall better sense of well-being. I am stronger than I have ever been after taking classes at the Barre Code.” 
For more information about the Barre Code, please visit the website, Facebook, and Instagram pages.  
The Barre Code
787 Harrison Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70124
(504) 900-1770

Last modified on Tuesday, 14 February 2017
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