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Love IntheNOLA: Charles and Fabiola Divins

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For the past few years, we’ve brought you some of the greatest love stories of all time: Ayo and Stella Scott, Jeff and Reagan Charleston, Camille Whitworth and Daniel Victory, and Bella Blue and Ajay Strong, just to name a few. 
And 2017’s no different. We’re celebrating #LoveIntheNOLA all month with our first couple, Mr. and Mrs. Divins!
Charles and Fabiola Divins
The Divinses are true NOLA celebrities! Charles makes his way into NOLA homes as a morning news anchor on WDSU-Channel 6 and Fabiola (aka Fab) gets many of us in shape as an instructor at CycleBar NOLA Uptown. 

And when they’re not bringing us the news or getting our heart rates up at cycling class, Charles and Fabiola are just living the NOLA life!
After first meeting in Venice Beach, CA, Charles and Fabiola just knew they were destined to be together…at least that’s what Charles says!
“It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Venice Beach, CA where we both were living at the time,” explained Charles. “Fabiola made the first move and I eventually gave into her advances.”
“Yeah, that’s definitely Charles’ version of events, not mine!” laughed Fabiola.
She continued, “Our first date was at a local restaurant followed by drinks on the beach at sunset. We were lucky enough to live in an amazing part of Los Angeles with the beach as our backyard.”

Charles added, “Our engagement happened two years later on that same beach at sunset bringing everything full circle. Our wedding was equally as special. We got married in Fabiola’s home country of Nicaragua on her family’s farm outside the town of Granada.”
Even after two years of marriage, Charles and Fabiola haven’t gotten tired of each other!
“I love how Fab lives life with her heart on her sleeve,” smiled Charles.
“Charles is always introducing me to new experiences. He pushes me out of my comfort zone,” concluded Fabiola.
The following questions may or may not have started any arguments…
Best Cook?
Charles: That’s Fabiola by far. She loves the Cooking Channel!
Takes Longer to Get Ready?
Charles: Fabiola again. She has hair.
Charles: Fabiola! She wears the pants! And they're the vintage French 501 jeans, of course! 
More Organized?
Fabiola: That would be Charles. He’s the one who organized these questions.
Says “I’m sorry” first?
Fabiola: Charles does.
Better Driver?
Charles and Fabiola: We’re both pretty good.

Things to Do?
Charles and Fabiola: We love uncovering the mystery of the city, digging deep into the depth that is New Orleans!
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Last modified on Tuesday, 14 February 2017
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