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Meet Diamond | DSH

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Think you’re not ‘artistically inclined’? Painting with a Twist brings out everyone’s creative side

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For the last four years, the #LadiesofIntheNOLA and their female friends and family have converged upon the Painting with a Twist building at 700 Dublin St. for an afternoon of artistic expression. Now, while some of us are more artistically inclined than others, at the end of the afternoon, you wouldn’t even know who could and couldn’t paint.
The first thing anyone will say when he/she hears that we’re doing a painting party is: “But I don’t know how to draw or paint. I’m not creative like that!” What they don’t realize is that from start to finish at Painting with a Twist, your artist/instructor walks you through every line, dot, squiggle, etc. And at the end of it, you have a painting that you wouldn’t mind hanging up on your wall AND it was done by YOU. Add in wine, food, music, and an entertaining painting instructor and you got your own painting party for artists, kinda artists, those who can’t draw a smiley face, and everyone else in between. Pretty genius, huh?
Cathy Deano and Renee Maloney, the founders of and geniuses behind Painting with a Twist, created the company after Hurricane Katrina in an effort to bring back the joy that was suddenly taken from the area. “After the storm, Cathy and I began reevaluating our lives and we both knew that we wanted to do something that would be beneficial to our community,” said Renee. “An artist friend of ours came up with the idea of painting parties. We thought it was a good idea, so we tested it in a craft room in Cathy’s backyard. What started as a distraction from a terrible natural disaster turned into a national business venture that combines a non-intimidating art experience with a new form of socializing with friends.”
To date, there are over 310 franchise locations in 36 states with over 3,500 pieces of art copyrighted! “Painting with a Twist is a place to relax, have fun with friends, and discover your inner artist even for those with little artistic ability,” smiled Cathy. “By following the instruction of our artists, our guests receive a smock, bare canvas, brushes, and paint and they can paint their own work of art.”

Renee added, “We have so many different paintings our artists have created – everything from landscapes to cityscapes to abstract scenes. All of our artwork is posted on each studio’s calendar, allowing our guests to pick the day and the painting they want to try. Even people who have never been artistically inclined have a blast at Painting with a Twist. The instructors make it so fun and easy-to-follow. It’s always a great time to have with friends or even a unique date night!”
Over the last few years, the #LadiesofIntheNOLA have done everything from a typical French Quarter building to an elegant evening gown to a peacock feathered tree. Walking around with our mimosas and snacks, visiting with our neighboring painters to see what their painting looks like, and even putting our own twists on the painting, whether that be a different color dress or a sign hanging from the French Quarter building with a cute name, at the end of the session, you have truly created something no matter how artistic or creative you think you are or aren’t.
In addition to the painting parties, Painting with a Twist also puts a big focus on Painting with a Purpose. “Something I’m most proud of and consider to be one of the biggest rewards of Painting with a Twist is aligning our company with our charitable spirit through Painting with a Purpose, which are classes that raise money for local non-profits,” Cathy explained. “This year, Painting with a Purpose was awarded a 501(c)3 non-profit status and has donated almost $1 million to local non-profit organizations, such as Habitat for Humanity, Multiple Sclerosis, and Odyssey House. We are committed to giving back to the local community, one painting at a time. In addition, we are also able to award grants to artists in need of education, family illness, or other proven needs from these classes.”
“Our artists make or break the Painting with a Twist experience,” Cathy continued. “They are the face of our brand and always have to be ‘on’ when they are working. We’re proud to be one of the companies that hires the largest number of artists nationwide and we are so thankful for what they do for our company.”
Renee concluded, “One of the greatest rewards of Painting with a Twist is being able to do something we love and are passionate about each and every day. We love our company, corporate staff, franchisees, artists and guests. We enjoy hearing about the positive aspects Painting with a Twist has on our franchisees, artists, and guests. Hearing all of these inspiring stories definitely makes our job that much more rewarding.”
For more information about Painting with a Twist, visit the website, Facebook, Twitter.
Last modified on Wednesday, 31 August 2016
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