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Meet Zeus | Brindle Terrier/GSD mix

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NOLA dads celebrate Father’s Day: Sean Laurent of Dynamic Construction & Development, Inc.

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Not too long ago, we featured some of our favorite movin’ and shakin’ NOLA mamas for Mother’s Day. And now with Father’s Day on the horizon (this Sunday, June 19!), it’s time to feature those awesome NOLA dads out there!
Sean Laurent, Farrah (9 years old), Corbin (7 years old), and Ledger (20 months)
We’re sure you’ve seen the Laurent name on as just two years ago, we featured Varion Laurent and his daughter Francesca in our Father’s Day series.
This year, we welcome Sean Laurent (Varion’s brother) and his three children, daughter Farrah and sons Corbin and Ledger. And like we said about Varion…those of you who know Sean know that when he’s around, expect constant ribbing, laughing, and just down right fun! With Sean, there’s never a dull moment…add in three children and we can only imagine what kind of “fun” they get into!

NOLA dads celebrate Father’s Day: Sean Laurent of Dynamic Construction & Development, Inc. |“Being a dad is one of the greatest feelings on earth,” he smiled. “Just hearing each kid’s voice say daddy eats me up each time. As a father, all I want to do is give back and pass down that New Orleans culture to my kids of family first. But being a New Orleans father can also be a challenge. Although we live in a city that has so much culture, history, and beauty, we also have our flaws. As a New Orleans father, you want be that protector and role model for your kids to help steer them to the next level in life and give them the morals, values, and opportunity to share their NOLA story to the world one day. And I say world because everyone wants be NOLA!”
Father to one daughter and two sons, Sean has his work cut out for him. “My daughter Farrah is my song bird,” mused Sean. “She plays the piano and she can also sing. She has more talent then she realizes! She can listen to a song and play it on the piano and she also picks up the words to a song after hearing it only once or twice. She reminds me of myself of just being persistent in what she wants. And of course, she’s a comedian like her dad!” 

“My boy Corbin is coming into his on,” he added. “He is one smart fella; he knows what he wants and won’t settle for anything less. If daddy’s in a tree, then he’s in a tree. If daddy’s on a skateboard, then he’s on a skateboard. If daddy’s digging a hole, he’s right by my side telling me he’s becoming a man and getting big muscles. He also reminds me of myself because of his passion; he gets his mind set and that’s it.” 
“Boy-oh-boy…Mr. Ledger came into this world with a bang and hasn’t let up!” laughed Sean. “Baby boy is smart beyond his years. We are at the age of new words, new facial expressions, new moods, and him continuously testing our reaction time. He has older siblings, so he thinks that he can jump off the sofa, ride a scooter, and do whatever else the other two are doing. And he also has that smile that will just pull you in and set you up!”  
NOLA dads celebrate Father’s Day: Sean Laurent of Dynamic Construction & Development, Inc. | 
For Sean, where to educate his children represents one of the challenges of raising children in New Orleans. “Finding the right school is a constant battle in New Orleans. My kids attend St. Pius in Lakeview and we love it. It’s a great school and community. At the same time, however, I feel that we shouldn’t have to pay for good schools. All you want as a parent is the best for your kids, somewhere that will teach them about diversity and values. I feel the schools are on the way to teaching that, but they’ve also got a long way away to go.”
NOLA dads celebrate Father’s Day: Sean Laurent of Dynamic Construction & Development, Inc. | IntheNOLA.comFor new fathers, “be the best damn dad you can be,” he said. “It’s not about you anymore; it’s about the person you are currently raising to be a successful and functional person in society. Twenty years later, you can sit back, like my parents are doing now, and say, “Look at what we’ve done.”
Sean concluded, “As a father and a husband, you have to stay humble and always be willing to love. Never lose sight of why you are a parent.”
Here are some of Sean’s favorites:
Favorite Snowball Stand
Sean: Personally, I’m not much of a snowball guy, but when it’s family time and my wife and kids want one, we’ll go to Plum St. They have the best ice and it’s the only one where I eat the whole thing. 
Favorite Restaurant
Sean: I’m a bit of a foodie, so my number one restaurant is Coquette and Compere Lapin is also excellent. 
Favorite Places To Go
Sean: I love water, so for my peace of mind, I like to drive on the lake. I also love taking my family to the river over the bridge in the Bywater, and sitting on the wharf reading different affirmations and quotes. Just the sound of water and wind blowing takes my mind off everything and reminds me to be grateful for having a beautiful wife and kids. It allows me to understand the purpose and journey that this wonderful life has given me and to stay humble and selfless.
Other Favorites
Sean: I love good times and good music, so I enjoy going to Frenchman St. from time to time and we can’t forget Sunday’s in the Superdome! Also, I enjoy just sitting in my yard with a little music and a cocktail.
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Last modified on Saturday, 18 June 2016
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