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NOLA dads celebrate Father’s Day: Stevie G. of B97

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Not too long ago, we featured some of our favorite movin’ and shakin’ NOLA mamas for Mother’s Day. And now with Father’s Day on the horizon (this Sunday, June 19!), it’s time to feature those awesome NOLA dads out there!
Stevie G., Natalia (8 years old), and Chloe (3 years old)
While you may not know what Stevie G. looks like, we’re pretty sure you know what he sounds like. As the co-host of B97’s The Afternoon Swirl, Stevie G. and his wife TPot are part of “New Orleans radio’s only married show,” airing weekdays from 2:00pm-6:00pm, where they talk about everything from their own personal lives to the lives of our favorite celebrities.
In addition to dishing out commentary every day on The Afternoon Swirl, Stevie G. also dishes out plenty of love to his two daughters, Natalia (aka Natty) and Chloe. “Natty is the calmer, more reserved one (like me) while Chloe can tend to get a bit rambunctious (like me),” he laughed. “It’s fascinating to watch them grow and develop. Natty is amazing with artwork; she passed me up in drawing and coloring around age 4 and this is in no way an exaggeration! She likes to read and is so, so bright. I hardly have to help her study and she’s a straight A student, so I finally qualify for one of those bumper stickers!”

He continued, “Chloe’s personality and skills have really started to emerge in the past year. She LOVES to sing. Sometimes in the morning, I wake up to the sound of her voice singing in her bed. Like a little angel, the first indication that she’s awake is often the sweet sounds of Let it go, let it gooooo… or Happy birthday to you… even when no one’s birthday is anywhere close. One morning, I awoke to hear her singing You Are My Sunshine, a song she’d just learned that I didn’t even know she knew. Around the part in the song that goes, “You’ll never know, dear, how much I love you. Please don’t take my sunshine away,” I couldn’t resist bursting in there and giving her a great big hug!”
As a father in New Orleans, Stevie is sure to teach his daughters the important things about life. “Every father cherishes those moments when they can teach their children something that they’ll use for the rest of their lives,” explained Stevie. “And for a New Orleans father, those lessons include the proper way to protect your face from errant beads when you’re on my shoulders at Endymion, the proper way to pinch a crawfish tail to get all the meat out intact, and the proper way to pronounce words like Burgundy and Calliope, to name a few.”

He added, “New Orleans may have a reputation as a grown up’s playground, but it’s also a great place for kids. There are so many experiences and activities that you can share with your kids. Not every city has a zoo, an aquarium, AND an insectarium. There’s the Children’s Museum, too, which we love! I’ve also taken my daughter biking on the levee, for a streetcar ride down St. Charles, and on a horse-dr…sorry, mule-drawn carriage ride through the French Quarter!”
For new fathers, “the number one thing I learned from the experience of being a father as opposed to the idea of it before it actually happened was the importance of listening,” Stevie said. “I’ve always hated the expression, ‘Children should be seen and not heard,’ and even more so after becoming a father because I think the most important thing is that children want to feel heard. So I listen to them and I do my best to engage them in conversations so that they know I’m actually listening. They’re not always going to get the answers they want from you, but they should always feel like they’ve been heard.”

Stevie concluded, “Lastly, and a lot of people may disagree, but I think it’s important to apologize to your kids when you make a mistake. No parent is perfect, and sometimes parents are wrong. When that’s the case, I say so and apologize. If I give them that respect, I find that usually it’s returned tenfold.”
Here are some of Stevie G.’s favorites:
Favorite Snowball Stand
Stevie G.: We have a snowball stand at one end of our street and another one at the one at other end of our street and that’s what we call them!
Favorite Restaurant
Stevie G.: My subtle suggestions rarely work, so it’s usually the usual suspects, although Natty really likes The Melting Pot and they’re both always suckers for Raising Canes. They’re also both fond of ice cream for some reason.
Favorite Places To Go
Stevie G.: Since TPot would never miss a trip to the Zoo, Aquarium, or Insectarium, those are usually family trips. When it’s just me and the girls, we love going to the Children’s Museum. If they didn’t kick us out at closing time, Chloe would still be pushing that little cart around the mini-Winn Dixie right now!
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Last modified on Friday, 17 June 2016
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