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Meet Zeus | Brindle Terrier/GSD mix

Meet Zeus | Brindle Terrier/GSD mix

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NOLA dads celebrate Father’s Day: Youth advocate Jarrett Brinson of the Louisiana Center for Children’s Rights

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Not too long ago, we featured some of our favorite movin’ and shakin’ NOLA mamas for Mother’s Day. And now with Father’s Day on the horizon (June 19!), it’s time to feature those awesome NOLA dads out there!
Jarrett Brinson and Jahree (7 years old)
Seven years ago, Jarrett Brinson’s life changed forever as he welcomed daughter Jahree (aka Jah) into it. As a life-long New Orleans resident, Jarrett knows how important being a guiding force for his daughter is. “Here in New Orleans, we have such a beautiful strong city with an amazing culture,” he said. “But that culture is tainted by corruption and poverty, which often leads to exploitation. Without the proper guidance, many kids will self-destruct and not even realize the damage they’re inflicting on themselves. I see a lot of that self-destruction in my line of work with New Orleans youth at the Louisiana Center for Children’s Rights and it definitely influences my desire to be NOLA dads celebrate Father’s Day: Youth advocate Jarrett Brinson of the Louisiana Center for Children’s Rights | IntheNOLA.coma great father to Jahree. It’s important that not just New Orleans fathers, but all parents and caretakers rise up and show their seed unconditional love, always tell them the truth, and be a living example of an upstanding human being. We have to expose them to as many different activities and facets of life as possible and allow them to see other parts of the world so that they can have an idea of the world outside of their everyday world. It’s important to me that I show Jah how to find balance through life’s instabilities.”
Like any seven-year-old, Jahree is curious about the world around her. “Jah is amazing,” smiled Jarrett. “She is observant and curious, ambitious and persistent, and helpful and loving. Many people think she’s shy, but once she gets comfortable around you, she is highly energetic and social. We share so many qualities that it’s hard for me to name just one. But if I had to pick the most prevalent trait, it would be her relentlessness. She has this willingness to keep trying until she achieves her goal and she stops at nothing until she gets it. We definitely have that in common. She hates to not be able to do something. Sometimes all it takes is for her to hear that she can do anything she puts her mind to and that intention alone helps it to manifest. She really is a true blessing.”
He continued, “The thing that makes me smile the most about Jah is her smile and her free spirit. I love just watching her vibe out and do her thing. She’s a pianist, swimmer, part of an African dance troupe, and has recently started gymnastic lessons. So when I see her perform, it just reinforces that concept of you can do anything you put your mind to. Even adults could use a reminder of that from time to time.” 
Jahree is a student at the International School of Louisiana (ISL) and Jarrett couldn’t be more pleased with her placement there. “What I like about ISL is that it is a full immersion school. She’s learning Spanish and all her teachers are actually from Spanish- speaking countries, so she not only gets to learn the language, but she also gets to learn the culture from a native.”
For new fathers, Jarrett advises them “to enjoy the time because it passes fast. Make sure you stay in your seed’s life because he/she needs your protection and for you to help create a balance for him/her. Being a parent doesn’t mean spoiling your seed; it just means giving him/her what he/she needs to be confident and self sufficient in the world. Remember that your seeds have feelings, opinions, and points of view. Respect all aspects them. Their innocence allows them to move in a natural way. Lastly, take time to reflect; it makes room for growth. And always remember, children learn more from what they see than what they hear.”
Here are some of Jarrett’s favorites:
NOLA dads celebrate Father’s Day: Youth advocate Jarrett Brinson of the Louisiana Center for Children’s Rights | IntheNOLA.comFavorite Snowball Stand
Jarrett: I don’t eat snowballs any more, but in the past, we would go to Sno Blizzard on Magazine St. or The Original New Orleans Snowballs & Smoothies on Elysian Fields by Brother Martin High School.
Favorite Restaurant
Jarrett: My kitchen! The closer I have gotten to nature, the less I eat out. Fruit, vegetables, nuts, and beans are all I eat. Give me a pot or pan and a few seasonings and I’m good! I can make a pretty good black bean burger, guacamole, and a meatless, smothered cabbage. I don’t eat out much at all, but if I did, I would recommend Bennachin’s or Louisiana Pizza Kitchen for their vegan pizza and grilled artichoke appetizer.
Favorite Place To Go
Jarrett: My favorite place to go is City Park just to enjoy nature. I spend a lot of time there working out, relaxing, and meditating, and recently I’ve been jogging while Jahree rides her bike. While we’re out there, I might catch a few shots of her in action or I’ll let her get behind the lens and let her snap what moves her.
Other Favorite Things To Do
Jarrett: Second lines, walks, and rides through the city are also always at the top of my list. I also love to go to poetry nights and I almost always hit the stage to spit some of my pieces. My stage name is Jay Bee. I use my writing as a way to encourage people to take care of their bodies, spend time in nature, and take the time necessary to heal. Optimal self-care is the key to happiness and longevity. I also love festivals and live music so I’m on Frenchmen when I go out. 

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Last modified on Monday, 13 June 2016
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