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Meet Zeus | Brindle Terrier/GSD mix

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Support your locals with a click!
Support your locals with a click!

Local Mother’s Day gifts: ‘Sarah Ott,’ locally-inspired tees, jewelry, scarves, and accessories

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You still have a little bit of time to get those Mother’s Day gifts; remember it’s this Sunday, May 8!
Sarah Ott
About two years ago, we were looking for a gift for a female family member. Being that we like to support all things local, we luckily came across the designs of local New Orleanian Sarah Ott and her locally inspired tees, jewelry, scarves, and accessories. 

Although the collection at Sarah Ott includes a myriad of fun designs that locals and lovers of New Orleans will certainly enjoy, Sarah’s foray into the design business was sort of an accident. “I just kind of fell into it; there was no plan,” Sarah explained. “I’m creative, I love to be given a theme, and I can create beautiful things around that theme.”
She continued, “When working on a committee at my daughter’s school at the Academy of the Sacred Heart, we wanted something we could all wear to make us stand out. I love scarves, so I made simple red scarves with the Sacred Heart logo hand stamped on one of the ends and that’s pretty much how my business started. People saw them and wanted to buy them! I started making school scarves, which evolved into NOLA- themed scarves, and we have what is now Sarah Ott.”

For us at, we absolutely LOVE the NOLA-inspired jewelry. From the rings to the necklaces and bracelets, these designs are for sure dedicated to New Orleans and her beauty. “Growing up in New Orleans and then leaving it made me appreciate it even more when I returned as an adult. I saw, heard, and even tasted things differently. I began to appreciate the architecture, the food, and the music a lot more, which I kind of took for granted having been raised here my whole life. You could say I loved ‘her’ more after being separated from her for so many years. It is a true NOLA LOVE!”
In addition to the jewelry, Sarah Ott also offers clothing and other accessories. “My Place d’Armes and new Ya Ya scarf are items that I love. They are great pieces to incorporate in a day-to-day outfit while still wearing a little NOLA flare. The Skyline necklaces have been very popular. I love how subtle the design is; you have to know and love New Orleans to almost be able to recognize what it is. My oyster fabric has also been very popular whether it’s on a purse, pouch, or pillow.”

One of the great things about Sarah Ott is not only the online store, but for those of you who are out and about in the city, you can stop at the actual store at 7808 Maple St., Ste. D to pick up those last minute gifts! 
New Orleans, we hope that you find that perfect gift for your mamas this year! 

For more information about Sarah Ott, please visit the website and Facebook.

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Last modified on Thursday, 05 May 2016
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Support your locals with a click!
Support your locals with a click!
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