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Springtime with Deepak Saini: Audubon Park, tank tops, and ‘dadbod’

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Last week, educator Danielle Morris gave us the lowdown on her favorite springtime NOLA things!
Now, it’s time for Deepak Saini, creative director of Story Block Media, to explain exactly what #SpringtimeIntheNOLA means to him!
“There’s a magic in the air during a New Orleans spring,” said Deepak. “It’s warmer and it feels refreshing to be outside because you know heat and humidity are not so far behind. I take advantage of the weather by taking my dog out, going on runs, and experiencing weekend after weekend of festivals.”
For Deepak, three words/phrases come to mind when he things about the spring: Audubon Park, tank tops, and #dadbod (we’ll let him explain that one!). 
“During the spring, I love taking my dog to Audubon Park,” he explained. “In the winter, we only go on the weekends since it gets dark earlier. In the spring and summer, we go every evening. It’s one of the most beautiful parks in the city and we always run into our two-legged and four-legged friends.”  
He continued, “In the winter, I go through a mourning period when I have to put my tank tops away. In the spring, I get to wear them again! Springtime means summertime is around the corner so #operationdadbad takes full effect. I love food and I eat my way through Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mardi Gras, and festival season only to realize I now have a short time to get back in shape!”

Here are some of Deepak’s favorites in the spring:
Favorite Festival
Deepak: When I was a reporter/anchor at WGNO, I was lucky to experience every festival. You’re there to highlight what’s new and different while emphasizing the familiar foods and sights that people come for year after year. I would have to say that my favorite festival is French Quarter Fest. It’s early on in the season, it's the largest free festival in the nation, and the French Quarter provides a beautiful backdrop. My second favorite is Jazz Fest and now all I can think about is WWOZ’s Mango Freeze! 
Favorite Musicians/Bands to See
Deepak: Robin Barnes, Anais St. John, and Trombone Shorty are some of my absolute favorites! I’ve had the privilege of interviewing each of them and they’re all so down-to-earth and extremely talented.  

Favorite Snowball
Deepak: Hansen’s all the way! That long line in the summer is worth it! 

Favorite Po-Boy
Deepak: Don't hate me, but after four years in New Orleans, I haven’t found a po-boy yet that makes me salivate. Maybe I haven’t had the right one. Got any recommendations? 

Favorite Happy Hour
Deepak: I’m not a big drinker…I know, I’m in the wrong city! But I love the Moscow Mule at the Polo Club Lounge inside the Windsor Court Hotel.

Favorite Place to Get Boiled Crawfish
Deepak: Don’t hate me again part deaux, but I can’t do seafood! I know, let me help you pick your jaw up off the floor.
Why New Orleans
Deepak: Although I wasn’t born or raised in New Orleans, it’s become my home. I came here a broken person and New Orleans showed me how to smile through pain, to celebrate life, to slow down a bit, and enjoy conversations with strangers. I’ve never felt so alive and full of life. I’m from San Francisco, a much bigger city, but New Orleans has a special charm you can’t find anywhere else. I’ve been all over the map and I’m glad my journey led me here. 

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Last modified on Tuesday, 22 March 2016
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