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Love IntheNOLA: Musicians Robin Barnes and Pat Casey

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Valentine’s Day might be over, but we’re celebrating New Orleans love all month long!
Robin Barnes and Pat Casey (Photo below by Cedric Angeles)
Musicians Robin Barnes and Pat Casey not only have a love of music, they also love each other!
“I was rehearsing with a band at a house where Pat lived,” said Robin. “As he was leaving the house to go to a gig, we locked eyes and had a brief moment. I’ll never forget his smile.”
Pat added, “I remember seeing each other in passing that night and thinking, “Who is this girl?! She had such a bright smile and energy about her.”
After that fateful night, Robin and Pat wouldn’t see each other again until THREE years later! “Fast forward three years and my piano player tells me that he’s hired one of the best bass players in New Orleans to sub with us. And in walks Pat. The rest is history!”

Here are some of Robin and Pat’s favorite to-dos:
Favorite Bar/Live Music Venue
R and P: We’re both musicians, so our favorite spots are those we already perform at. Come see us on Fridays at the Hotel Monteleone from 5:00pm-8:00pm and Fridays and Saturdays at the Windsor Court from 9:00pm-12:00am.
Favorite Restaurant
Robin: I love Mint Modern on Freret (tell Jimmy that Robin sent you!). I get the lemongrass chicken. And you MUST get the green waffle for dessert. You’ll thank me later. I also love eating at Doris Metropolitan. It’s where we ate for our anniversary.
Pat: I love Mint on Freret, too. My favorite things to order are the Vietnamese pork tacos and the sizzle beef steak and egg. 
Favorite Cocktail
Robin: We don’t drink, but I LOVE mocktails! Travis Sanders at the Monteleone makes me the best. Ask for the Rockin’ Robin! Grab a drink and ride the rotating carousel (local hint: to get a seat, get there at 3:45pm or 6:45pm). 

Pat: My favorite drink is the house made ginger beer at the Polo Lounge at the Windsor Court. 
R and P: We love breakfast at Café du Monde, lunch at Felipe’s, and taking a pedicab (pretend it’s a carriage, it’s cheaper that way!). And we like to catch a movie at the Prytania Theater.
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Last modified on Thursday, 02 February 2017
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