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Local Valentine’s Day gifts: ‘Native Polish,’ New Orleans-inspired, vegan nail polish

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With Mardi Gras finished, you might have thought that the holidays were officially over for New Orleans, but you can’t forget about that sneaky little lover’s day coming up this Sunday! If you’re looking for something to give to your loved one on that special day (or on any day for that matter), we’re featuring a few of our favorite local products over the next two weeks!
Allison and Julie Hoffman of Native Polish
Local Valentine’s Day gifts: ‘Native Polish,’ New Orleans-inspired, vegan nail polish |
You can’t get more New Orleans than Native Polish. With colors like Hot Sauce, Out on Frenchmen, and Pothole (!), you’ll be wearing New Orleans on your nails!
Sisters-in-law Allison and Julie Hoffman started Native Polish in 2015 in an effort to provide women with not only fabulous colors, but also “cleaner” options. “Julie and I first came up with the idea for Native Polish last year during Mardi Gras,” Allison said. “We had a personal need for high-quality nail polish we could easily grab at the store, but like everyone else here, we like to buy and wear local. As we started developing the idea further, we knew we wanted to develop polish that: 1) was free of harmful chemicals, 2) could stand the test of time (who wants chipped nails?!), and 3) evoked that local flavor and passion we all BLEED here.”
She continued, “Native Polish is vegan, not tested on animals, and most importantly is ‘5 free.’ Harsh chemicals that are found in regular nail polishes (formaldehyde resin, formaldehyde, toluene, camphor, and dibutyl phthalate) are nowhere to be found in Native Polish! In addition, the soul of our city goes into each and every bottle. NOLA residents seek authentic products!”
Local Valentine’s Day gifts: ‘Native Polish,’ New Orleans-inspired, vegan nail polish | IntheNOLA.comAllison and Julie recently launched two new colors, “Krewe of Native and Masquerade.” For those of you already missing Mardi Gras, here’s your chance to have it year round! “Krewe of Native combines the essence of Mardi Gras into one tiny bottle,” smiled Allison. “It’s green in some lights, purple in others, and still metallic in others. Masquerade was developed as the perfect accent to all of the glitz and glam that represents this time of year. Long ball gowns, disguising masks and strappy heels aren’t complete without a striking, rich, celebratory polish, which this green hue embodies.”
She added, “Voodoo Vixen has been a popular black hue for us, appearing matte on the nail, but with just a hint of sparkle to boost your energy level for a night out downtown. Our best sellers have been both Gulf Oyster, a matte putty color that women are finding is the perfect everyday nude, and pothole, a dark greenish gray that captures the fluid fall/winter temperatures outside and gives you the feeling that you can conquer whatever is thrown at you that day, potholes and whatever else.”

Obviously, Native Polish and New Orleans go hand in hand. “New Orleans is home; it’s our roots. We can’t imagine living in any other city. As big as NOLA is, it’s also quite a small place where we’re all here to support each other and share traditions with the next generation. One of the greatest things about New Orleans is that we as women are all willing to help and support each other, so we’re looking forward to continuing to reconnect with folks from our past and meet new people that can help the brand to grow.”
Allison concluded, “You can just feel that Native Polish was made for women of the Crescent City!”
For more information about Native Polish, visit the Facebook page. Looking to purchase Native Polish? Head out to these local stores to get your favorite color:
Fleurty Girl
Two Sprouts
Cutee Patootee/Boundless Shipping
H20 Salon & Spa
Carpe Diem
Elle Boutique
Judy at the Rink
Buff Beauty Bar
Lorraine at Lambeth House Salon
Forever New Orleans
Hermann-Grima House
Good Cloth 
Stonefree at South Market 
Air Blow Dry Bar and Salon
Little Miss Muffin Lakeview
My Spa by the Park
Woodhouse Day Spa
Michele Apparel 
Salon D'Ingianni 
Lucy Rose
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Last modified on Friday, 12 February 2016
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