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Local Valentine’s Day Gifts: Reagan Charleston Designs, handmade luxury jewelry and accessories

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With Mardi Gras finished, you might have thought the that the holidays are officially over for New Orleans, but you can’t forget about that sneaky little lover’s day coming up this Sunday! If you’re looking for something to give your loved one on that special day (or any day for that matter), we’re featuring a few of our favorite local products over the next two weeks!
Reagan Charleston of Reagan Charleston Designs
Looking through the jewelry and accessories on the Reagan Charleston Designs website will make you drool. From the earrings and necklaces to the rings and cuff links, we’re sure that when anyone wears one of these items, he/she has got to feel beautiful and luxurious. 
And the designer, Reagan Charleston, certainly exudes beauty and luxury herself. Although Reagan grew up in a family of artists (both her mother and grandparents created copper sculptures and her grandparents owned an art gallery in the French Quarter for many years), she initially thought law school was her only option. “As a child, I would bead silk flowers to wear in my hair and pin them to dresses,” she said. “I would repurpose anything 
that I had around to make something new, but I never saw it as a profession until I was in my mid-twenties and it finally occurred to me that I could follow in my family’s footsteps.”
She continued, “I am most inspired by classical architectural aesthetic and antiquity. I studied history in undergrad, so I design with a story in mind. Every piece is a totem of sorts. My very first design, the Leone, is one of the most popular pieces. I can’t keep the Viper Earrings in stock, and the Sterling Silver Shark Tooth Cufflinks have been regularly selling out since I introduced the design a couple of years ago.”
Our favorites are the Fountain Body Necklace and the King Louis Sun King Cocktail Ring…to die for! In addition, Reagan is also looking to have a brick and mortar location in New Orleans in the near future.
Reagan concluded, “I’m currently a first-year law student at Loyola University, so juggling the company and school has been quite the feat, but it’s also a thrill! I’m looking forward to the future!”
For more information about Reagan Charleston Designs, please visit the website, Facebook, and Instagram pages.
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Shae Shea
Last modified on Friday, 12 February 2016
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