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Meet Zeus | Brindle Terrier/GSD mix

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Love IntheNOLA: Katie Moore of WWLTV and Matthew Derbes of the Louisiana Department of Justice

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To celebrate all the love there is in New Orleans and particularly in the month of February, we’re featuring a different IntheNOLA couple each week this month!
Katie Moore (Investigative reporter and anchor at WWL-TV) and Matthew Derbes (Assistant Attorney General in the Criminal Division with the Louisiana Department of Justice)
Katie and Matthew (aka Matt) can agree on one thing for sure: Matthew’s pick up line to Katie could definitely fall on the cheesiness spectrum.
“I was handling a mini presser outside the Orleans Parish Courthouse and Katie interviewed me,” said Matthew. “Somehow I got her cell number and asked if I could interview her sometime. It was very cheesy and lame.”
Katie added, “We met on the steps of Tulane and Broad. Matt was prosecuting a case that I was covering and I interviewed him. He wins the award for cheesiest line ever, ‘I’d like to interview you sometime.’ It didn't work…until it did.”
That’s right…what started off as a little cheese blossomed into a bunch of love! “We met at an Endymion party a few months later and we hit off,” continued Matt. “She was able to see my amazing marching band dance moves and bead catching skills. We’ve been together ever since.” With two “littles”, Matt and Katie will celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary this June.
For Valentine’s Day, Katie is leaving it all up to Matt! “I’m not sure what our plans are yet, but Matt better make it good!” she laughed. “Just kidding! We use special occasions to try some of the awesome restaurants NOLA has to offer. So, hopefully he'll pick a good one.” For Matt, “We’ll have a dinner at a fancy restaurant, but I still have a few days to make a reservation!”
Here are some more of Katie and Matt's favorite to-dos:
Favorite Live Music Venue
K and M: We’ve always loved catching shows at DBA, and when the kids get a little older, I hope to get back out there more. The music in this town is too good to let it pass you by, ya know?
Favorite Restaurant
Katie: My current favorite is Shaya. The hummus is AMAZING. I could eat 15 of their amazing warm, puffed pitas! If we have the kiddos with us, we love Theo’s Pizza on Canal St.
Matt: I don’t really have a favorite, but if I could have one thing from any restaurant, it would be the pasta salad from Angeli’s on Decatur.
Favorite Cocktail
Katie: I'm a lover of all things red wine, but when I have a cocktail, I want to try something fun and unique. I really love it when there’s a great mixologist behind the bar who can whip up something with interesting flavor combinations and just the right kick. The best cocktail I had recently was at Loa. I don't have any idea what it was, but it was an adventure in a glass.
Matt: I used to love the Bloody Mary’s from Igor's on St. Charles. However, with two small kids, I go with the unsweetened tea, on the rocks, two lemons and an extra napkin from anywhere we are brave enough to take a three-year-old and a toddler.
Other Favorites
K and M: We love taking our kids to City Park. They love the chance to run around. Our daughter is obsessed with the carousel and even though they’re too little to ride the rides, just running through Storyland is a blast with them.
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Last modified on Wednesday, 10 February 2016
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