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Meet Little Momma | Maltese mix

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Love IntheNOLA: Sidney and Cathy Arroyo

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To celebrate all the love there is in New Orleans and particularly in the month of February, we’re featuring a different IntheNOLA couple each week this month!
Sidney (Retired actor, rock star, political consultant/strategist and Cathy Arroyo (Semi-retired medical device quality systems consultant)

The year was 1977. Both in their early twenties, Sidney (aka Sid), the lead singer and front man for Vince Vance and the Valiants, and Cathy, a model, first started dating. “Our first kiss happened while we were riding on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland,” said Cathy.

But their romance would be sidetracked until many years later. “A classic twenty-something miscommunication split us up,” Sid said.

Cathy joined the Navy and went on to get an electrical engineering degree working with FDA regulated businesses. Sid kept rocking and rolling for another 10 years and then launched a successful career as a political consultant because in his words, “It’s all show business.”
In 2005, however, the two reconnected “and realized that we could no longer deny that we had always been each other’s destiny,” they both smiled.
Sid continued, “Cathy moved to New Orleans in the summer of 2005, right after Katrina, and joined me in the French Quarter where I’ve lived in for the past thirty years. We were married May 2006. It just so happens that that’s when the Saints started winning. Coincidence? We think not!”
Valentine’s Day is always special for Sid and Cathy. “Our first face-to-face meeting after 27 years apart was on Valentine’s Day 2005, so that date holds special meaning for us. We will spend Valentine’s Day with each other as we have since 2005, probably dining at Morton’s Steakhouse, our favorite special events place.”
Here are some more of Sid and Cathy’s favorite to-dos:
Favorite Live Music Venue
S and C: The Spotted Cat Music Club on Frenchmen St.
Favorite Restaurant
Cathy: The Gumbo Shop. I love the shrimp remoulade salad, the seafood gumbo, and the awesome crawfish etouffee.
Sid: The Court of Two Sisters. I love everything on the brunch buffet.
Favorite Cocktail
S and C: Frozen Irish Coffee from Molly’s on the Market.
Other Favorites
S and C: We could go on and on…Lundi Gras with Zulu on the Riverfront; Mardi Gras Day marching with St. Ann; Saints home games in prime seats at the Dome; strolling down Royal St. and listening to the street musicians outside our door; Muffalettas and imported coffees from Central Grocery; stage shows at the Saenger; and showing houseguests and visitors the New Orleans we love.
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Last modified on Monday, 08 February 2016
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