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Millennial Awards set for Saturday, July 25 ‘to honor dynamic young professionals’ in New Orleans

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Who said there was nothing to do in New Orleans in the summer? Certainly not us nor local business Spears Group. If you remember, Spears Group has brought the immensely fabulous event Diner en Blanc to New Orleans and now the group is at it again with their third annual event, The Millennials as part of the Social Renaissance series.
Although the term millennials has been around for few years, we are seeing it more and more. But who are the millennials and what are they doing that’s getting so much attention? To Spears Group President and CEO Cleveland Spears, III, the Millennials are “the generation of Do-Gooders” and their accomplishments and contributions to our community will be honored this weekend.
This Saturday, New Orleans will be celebrating the best of the best in our community at The Millennials, an “awards show honoring the dynamic, young professionals in the greater New Orleans area who have made significant contributions through public service, with award categories in Culinary Arts, Education, Social Entrepreneurship, Digital Media, Economic Development, and more.”

“The Millennials honors the dynamic young professionals in the greater New Orleans area who have made significant contributions through public service, and served as cultural ambassadors,” explained Ronald Evangelista, Administration and Special Projects Manager with Spears Consulting Group. “We are celebrating Generation Y and the outstanding work they are doing in various sectors of business, health care, education, community service, and more.”
This year’s finalists include several friends of IntheNOLA, including fashion designer Kristine Pichon, artist Brandan "b-mike" Odums, Chef Jordan Ruiz of The Munch Factory, Propeller founder Andrea Chen, evacuteer and Dear World founder Robert Fogarty, social entrepreneur Paula Bland, Tabitha and Micaiah Bethune of The Wildlife Reserve, AND IntheNOLA's fearless leader Jeff Gonzales! (For a complete list of the 2015 Millennial Awards nominees, click here.)
Our fearless leader, Jeff Gonzales, is excited to be recognized by his peers. “To be honest, I’m humbled to be a part of a generation of young individuals that are doing such incredible things in our city,” he said. "To walk in that number is an honor in itself,” Tabitha Bethune added, "It's exciting to be recognized by your peers for doing something you enjoy. The best part is that my husband and I get to work together. Being from New Orleans, my biggest joy is when your city and peers embrace you, recognize you, and support your hard work. We appreciate the nomination and it is a reminder for us to keep working hard."
Artist Brandan Odums echoed those same sentiments. “It’s definitely exciting. I’m super humble and super grateful to have this opportunity. It can be a lonely road, so it shows that people are paying attention, that people will clap for those who deserve applause. That doesn’t just go for me, that goes for everyone who is doing the work. For me, it’s encouraging to know, although I don’t do it for attention, praise or acknowledgement, that our community can tell that we’re on the right path. We need more of that. We need more of that circular idea of people supporting each other and then people supporting them. Even if I don’t win, I’m just excited to be around all the individuals that have been working hard and really doing the work.”
This year’s awards show will also include crowning the winner of the Restaurant Competition. “Ten top restaurants from across New Orleans will create a ‘millennial-inspired dish' for guests to sample. Each guest will then vote on his or her favorite dish. Guests will cast their vote for their favorite dish of the night, and the winner will be announced at the conclusion of the awards show. Some of your favorite restaurants will be vying for this title.”
Tickets for this year's event are completely FREE. Instead, attendees are asked to provide donations to one of the partner non- profit organizations, including Son of a Saint, evacuteer, and Liberty's Kitchen.

We wish ALL the nominees the best of luck and we hope to see you at the Millennials, “a celebration of a generation!”

WHAT: The Millennials

WHEN: Saturday, July 25 (7:00pm)

WHERE: Freedom Pavilion at the World War II Museum (945 Magazine St.)


Last modified on Wednesday, 15 June 2016
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