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Meet Ali | Pit Bull mix

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NOLA daddies celebrate Father’s Day: Raj Smoove and ‘Baby Smoove’

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Father’s Day might be over, but we’re not done celebrating our NOLA dads. We’re celebrating them the whole month of June!
Raj Smoove and Brycen (7 months)
For those of you don’t know who Raj Smoove is (and we can’t imagine there are more than two of you who don’t), through music, he is the “voice” of a generation of New Orleanians. From Jubilee and Partners ‘N’ Crime to Notorious BIG and Dr. Dre to Sean Paul and Mr. Vegas to Beyonce and Kourtney Heart, Raj Smoove is like a walking history book on the music and art of DJing. And when you know that Mr. Smoove is going to be at a party or event, you’re prepared to enjoy yourself the WHOLE night.
NOLA daddies celebrate Father’s Day: DJ Raj Smoove and ‘Baby Smoove’
Seven months ago, Raj started “DJing” another kind of all night party called Fatherhood with baby boy Brycen (or Baby Smoove as we like to call him)!
“The most exciting part of being a father is the bond,” he said. “Building a relationship with this new life that my wife and I are responsible for is a great feeling. It’s an everyday joy. But parenthood in general is scary though! I think it stems from the same feelings of responsibility. You fear making the wrong decisions or not being able to fix things. You only want the best for your child, but sometimes things are out of your control.”
As the daddy of a growing baby, Raj is looking forward to showing his little guy the city. “I’m looking forward to making memories with him doing the things I remember loving as a child. The Zoo, City Park, Storyland, the Lake, beignets, the sound of the Natchez’s Calliope on the river, the Aquarium. All those things make for a great childhood.
For future fathers, “take the time out to be there as much as you can,” Raj explained. I would not miss this time for anything in the world. It’s been awesome, stinky diapers and all.”
Raj concluded, “Being a dad has been extremely fulfilling for me and I hope others get to experience that same joy and happiness.”

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Last modified on Tuesday, 03 May 2016
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