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Meet Bootsie | DMH

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Valentine’s Day with IntheNOLA’s favorite couples: Lon Nichols and Chriss Knight

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With all this Mardi Gras-ing going on, we hope y’all didn’t forget about a small little day coming up this Saturday…Valentine’s Day! To celebrate such a special day, we’re featuring a different IntheNOLA couple each day this week!
Lon Nichols and Chriss Knight
Lon Nichols, Director of Operations for Pinkberry Louisiana, and Chriss Knight, freelance television host and social media manager, have been together for a decade. They first met in Lincoln, Nebraska in 2005. “We were both working at the same television station,” said Chriss. “Lon was the Weekend Sports Anchor and I was a Reporter/Anchor at KLKN-TV. Lon is originally from Boston, and I'm a small town Georgia girl, so it was truly ‘meant to be’ that we met in Nebraska! We moved to New Orleans 6 years ago and we proudly consider it home!”
Like our other couples, Lon and Chriss will be enjoying the Mardi Gras festivities come Valentine’s Day. “I'm sure we will be out on the parade route catching some beads! We live on St. Charles Ave., so we are in the middle of it all. Good thing we LOVE parades, both riding and watching! And we love to finish up a long day of parades at Pinkberry, so refreshing and delicious!”
Here are Lon and Chriss’ favorite Valentine’s to dos:
Dinner at home or at a restaurant on Valentine’s Day?
Chriss: Dinner at a restaurant, either Vincent’s or Clancy’s and dessert at Pinkberry, of course!
Lon: Restaurant at either Appoline or Upperline.
What’s your preference on Valentine’s Day: chocolates, flowers, jewelry, or a teddy bear?
Chriss: Jewelry! Either Reagan Charleston Design or Tiffany’s.
Lon: Chocolates.
Champagne toast or cocktails?
Chriss: Love the bubbly! 
Lon: Cocktails.
Check out our other Valentine’s Day couples:
Ayo and Stella Scott
Jordan and Alexis Ruiz of The Munch Factory
Jeff and Reagan Charleston
Terrance and Stephanie Osborne

Last modified on Saturday, 14 February 2015
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