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Valentine’s Day with IntheNOLA’s favorite couples: Terrance and Stephanie Osborne

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With all this Mardi Gras-ing going on, we hope y’all didn’t forget about a small little day coming up this Saturday…Valentine’s Day! To celebrate such a special day, we’re featuring a different IntheNOLA couple each day this week!
Terrance and Stephanie Osborne
If you thought high school sweethearts, Jordan and Alexis Ruiz of The Munch Factory had been together for a long time, then think again! Our IntheNOLA couple for today is artist Terrance Osborne and his wife Stephanie who have been together for a whopping 19 years!
Years ago, Terrance and Stephanie were students together at the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, but they didn’t know each other. Then, the two officially met each other through a mutual friend who was attending Xavier University with Terrance. And their first date was nothing short of romantic!
“Our first date was in my dorm room at UNO,” explained Stephanie. “T (Terrance) and I had spoken on the phone every night for a week. One day, I purchased a new lamp for my dorm room and Terrance offered to come over to have pizza and paint my new lamp. So he came over and we ate pizza, but when I asked him for his paint supplies, he said that he had left them at his dorm. It’s still up for debate whether that was intentional or accidental. But at the time, I didn’t know how talented he was, so I was impressed when a week later, he returned and painted beautiful flowers on my tall, white halogen lamp.”
For this year’s Valentine’s Day, Terrance and Stephanie will be spending the holiday as a family with their son and daughter. “We are going to have a family dinner at home. T and our son Seth will make dinner and dessert, Sydni will pick the movie, and I’ll pick the board game.”
For those of you looking for suggestions of what to do, Stephanie said, “I love Restaurant Revolution’s “Death by Gumbo” and crab beignets, GW Fins’ lobster dumplings with chocolate chip bread pudding, and La Thai’s sticky rice dessert. Sometimes T and I will go to one restaurant for dinner and another for dessert. It extends the night and gives us a break between courses. We also really enjoy the Pelicans, so we do that as well."
Here are some of Terrance and Stephanie’s favorite Valentine’s Day to dos:
Dinner at home or at a restaurant on Valentine’s Day?
Stephanie: Dinner at a restaurant, unless the kids want to be involved in which case we can do it at home. T is on a Paleo diet, so he will make something that everyone likes and fits his diet. Seth likes to make dessert and it's usually cupcakes or pralines.
Terrance: Restaurant Revolution is my favorite! It's always a treat to sit at our special table near the kitchen and watch the chef perform his magic.
What’s your preference on Valentine’s Day: chocolates, flowers, jewelry, or a teddy bear?
Stephanie: As a rule, anything that we want and can afford, we buy for ourselves or each other year around, so we usually don't buy material gifts for each other for holidays. T buys and arranges flowers for my nightstand and my bathroom all the time, so I am always grateful for them. I try to avoid candy, but slightly warm, milk chocolate covered strawberries are my favorite! Hmm, I may mention this to Seth for Valentine’s Day!
Terrance: I like to give flowers, not get them. I don't eat chocolate or wear much jewelry, so I'll take Stephanie if that's an option.
Champagne or cocktails?
Stephanie: Water or hot tea are my beverages of choice, but T will sometimes have wine or a beer if the kids are not dining with us. 
Terrance: Definitely cocktails. Cocktails keep it down to earth.
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Last modified on Friday, 13 February 2015
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