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Valentine’s Day with IntheNOLA’s favorite couples: Jordan and Alexis Ruiz of The Munch Factory

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With all this Mardi Gras-ing going on, we hope y’all didn’t forget about a small little day coming up this Saturday…Valentine’s Day! To celebrate such a special day, we’re featuring a different IntheNOLA couple each day this week!
Jordan and Alexis Ruiz of The Munch Factory
True high school sweethearts, Jordan and Alexis met at Lusher School in 1995, started “going steady” in 1996, and had their first date as 7th graders at Eleanor McMain’s homecoming dance! Like many couples at that age, Jordan and Alexis went back and forth throughout high school and ultimately lost touch after Jordan’s senior prom.
But the story most certainly doesn’t end there! “Years later after Hurricane Katrina, we ran into each other and became best friends,” said Alexis. Then Jordan cooked his way into my heart and we ‘went steady’ once again! Our first grown up date was to Mr. B’s Bistro in the French Quarter.”
Since Jordan and Alexis are the masterminds behind the Gentilly restaurant, The Munch Factory, they will both be at there “giving New Orleanians a special place to celebrate love!”
Here are some of their favorite Valentine’s Day to dos:
Dinner at home or at a restaurant on Valentine’s Day?
Alexis: Definitely at a restaurant, but not as diners. Instead, we’ll be the chef and maître d’. On any given day, Jordan will be the one cooking, except for our Thanksgiving tradition of me cooking the family breakfast.
Jordan: We’ll be at the restaurant, but if we could have dinner somewhere, it would be Commander’s Palace or Mr. B’s Bistro.
What’s your preference on Valentine’s Day: chocolates, flowers, jewelry, or a teddy bear?
Alexis: My preference is hugs and kisses. Because we work so hard for holidays, we celebrate by giving each other random gifts on random days. On those days, I love getting flowers.
Jordan: My preference is definitely chocolate.
Champagne or cocktails?
Alexis: Champagne, ALWAYS champagne or a champagne cocktail.
Jordan: Champagne.
Check out our other Valentine’s Day couples:
Ayo and Stella Scott
Last modified on Tuesday, 10 February 2015
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