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Valentine’s Day with IntheNOLA’s favorite couples: Ayo and Stella Scott

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With all this Mardi Gras-ing going on, we hope y’all didn’t forget about a small little day coming up this Saturday…Valentine’s Day! To celebrate such a special day, we’re featuring a different IntheNOLA couple each day this week!
Ayo and Stella Scott
New Orleans couple Ayo and Stella Scott first met way back at a “Pajama Jammy Jam” at Benjamin Franklin High School. After having their first date at the movies while still in high school, Ayo and Stella lost touch for a while, but reconnected at a Rebirth Brass Band show at Tipitina’s in 2006 and the two have been going strong ever since.
For this Valentine’s Day, Ayo and Stella are doing it big…Mardi Gras big that is! "This Valentine’s Day, we will be going to Endymion. Mardi Gras always comes before Valentine’s Day!” exclaimed Stella.
Here are some of their favorite Valentine’s Day to dos:
Dinner at home or at a restaurant on Valentine’s Day?
Stella: Valentine’s Day dinner is always at home and typically I cook, but this year, we may just grab a po’boy on the way to Endymion.
Ayo: Dinner at HOME and she’s cooking. Let’s be honest, she’s just better at it than me. I mean, I could maybe cut something up…
What’s your preference on Valentine’s Day: chocolates, flowers, jewelry, or a teddy bear?
Stella: We don’t give Valentine’s Day presents, but Ayo likes to bring me flowers to work on random days.
Ayo: Um, none of the above. If I had to select a generic Valentine’s Day present that I’d wanna receive, then I’d want those nasty little heart candies with silly stuff written on them.
Champagne or cocktails?
Stella: Champagne is always the answer for me!
Ayo: Definitely both.
Last modified on Monday, 09 February 2015
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