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Meet Little Momma | Maltese mix

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IntheNOLA’s making five this year!

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It’s 2015...can you believe it?! We here at IntheNOLA certainly can’t! Nonetheless, we’re excited to get up and running for what’s sure to be a great year.
As we usher in 2015, we’re also gearing up to celebrate our fifth birthday in March…FIFTH BIRTHDAY!
Yes, New Orleans, in 2010, our fearless leader Jeff Gonzales founded in his quite humble abode on Columbus St. and N. Prieur in the 7th ward. And five years later, we have grown to include an incredible network of entrepreneurs, artists, causes, businesses, and everything in between. And we can’t thank anyone but the fantastic readers who support our mission each and every day! Thank YOU, New Orleans.
So to kick off the New Year and our fifth birthday, we got five fun facts about IntheNOLA to share with you!

1. The IntheNOLA Team are all proud Gentilly-ans. Our stomping grounds range from St. Roch and Robert E. Lee to Franklin and Gentilly to Warrington and Mirabeau.

2. We’ve gone to our fair share of New Orleans schools: McDonogh #39 Elementary School, St. James Major, Lusher, McMain Secondary School, Warren Easton High School, Redeemer-Seton High School, Sarah T. Reed High School, and the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA).

3. Here are some favorites of ours:    

Best PoBoy – Shrimp poboy dressed from Parkway Bakery & Tavern.
Best Breakfast – The House Special or the Shrimp & Grits from Russell’s Marina Grill.
Best Place to Grab a Drink and Chill – Bacchanal (if we’re just chilling), Victory Bar (if we’re feeling fancy), and Arnaud’s French 75 (if we’re feeling real fancy).
Best Snowball – Tiger’s Blood from Plum St. Snoballs.
Best Food truck – Brisket tacos from Taceaux Loceaux.

4. One of us (and we’re not saying which one) was a New Orleans twerker (not that silly stuff that Miley Cyrus purports to be doing) of the famed VR Troopers. Name a talent show, St. Aug., McDonogh #35, McMain, that they didn’t win!

5. We welcomed a new New Orleanian to the IntheNOLA Team in 2013, Mr. Gabriel Pierre. At the ripe age of a year and some months, he’s getting closer and closer to us being able to put him to work!
We look forward to a great 2015 and serving the New Orleans community! Be sure to stay in the know with!

Last modified on Tuesday, 06 January 2015
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