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Who’s got the best king cake? IntheNOLA’s top five picks for 2015

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Yesterday marked the start of one of our most favorite times. In the words of Al Johnson, “Ohhh, it’s Carnival tiiiiiiiiiiiiime!” And when it’s carnival time, you know there’s king cake.
Now, let’s get something straight about king cake before we go any further. We do NOT, let us repeat, we do NOT eat king cake before January 6 (known as Kings’ Day, Twelfth Night, Epiphany). Nope, king cake does not touch these IntheNOLA lips until January 6 and not a moment before, no matter how many grocery stores are selling them throughout the year.
Unlike last year where we had a whooping 58 days to revel in king cake goodness, this year we only have 43 days to eat as many king cakes as possible. So here are our top five picks:

McKenzie's Kingcake at Tastee's Donuts#1: McKenzie’s (sold at Tastee Donuts) – Hands down, the BEST king cakes in New Orleans. Eating a slice of a McKenzie’s king cake brings us back to a Friday afternoon in elementary school with everyone waiting to get their slice of purple, green, or gold and hoping for the baby (even though mama certainly didn’t feel like buying one for the whole class!).

Haydels Bakery Kingcake#2: Haydel’s Bakery (4037 Jefferson Hwy.) – Like McKenzie’s, Haydel’s king cakes come with that colored sugar that sticks to your lips and teeth! And if you’re looking for a king cake to ship to loved ones, Haydel’s is an excellent choice.


Adrian's Bakery Kingcake#3: Adrian’s Bakery (4710 Paris Ave.) – We make our way to Adrian’s sometimes several times a week for their donuts, and when carnival season comes around, it’s time to add one (or two) of their delicious king cakes to the donut order. Adrian’s is one of our favorites when it comes to icing topped king cakes.


Manny Randazzo's Kingcake#4: Manny Randazzo King Cakes (3515 N. Hullen St.) – Famous for their age old king cake recipe that includes a thick layer of white icing on top, Randazzo’s is notorious for having a line around the building on Mardi Gras day with people making sure to get their last taste of king cake before the season ends.


Gmbino's Bakery Kingcake#5: Gambino’s Bakery (4821 Veterans Blvd.) – Doberge and king cakes rule at Gambino’s. King cakes from Gambino’s are shipped all over the country and have been enjoyed by the likes of Oprah Winfrey and David Letterman.

So what’s your favorite king cake? Let IntheNOLA kNOw!


Last modified on Wednesday, 07 January 2015
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