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Meet Zeus | Brindle Terrier/GSD mix

Meet Zeus | Brindle Terrier/GSD mix

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First time NOLA daddies celebrate Father’s Day: Bivian ‘Sonny’ Lee III of Son of a Saint

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Father’s Day is quickly approaching (that’s right, this Sunday, June 15!). And to celebrate such a special day, we’re featuring a different first time NOLA daddy each day this week!
Sonny and Tenzin Sonny Lee, 2.5 months
Every time we see Bivian ‘Sonny’ Lee III, he’s usually got a kangol on his head, a permanent smile on his face, and is ready to talk about his fantastic nonprofit organization, Son of a Saint. A son of a saint himself (Sonny’s father, Bivian Lee Jr., was a former Saints player who passed away when Sonny was three years old), Sonny and his two and a half month old son, Tenzin, will be celebrating their first Father’s Day together!
As in our previous first-time NOLA daddies, the excitement that Sonny feels is immeasurable. “What’s really exciting is how Tenzin is starting to recognize me,” Sonny said. "His eyes are focusing in on me and he’s smiling at me. When I see that smile, I get the best feeling. I know that he sees and recognizes me, and that I can provide a smile for him.”
The scary moments for Sonny have been few and far between. “One of the scariest parts about being a father is when Tenzin wakes up in the middle of the night crying and you don’t know why; you don’t know what he wants or if he's alright.”
He added, “The first time I had him for two hours by myself, I was so scared! I had all the doctors’ numbers and my mom’s number! I was like, ‘I'm responsible for him.’ It felt like I was the last resort; I'm the one that's supposed to be Superman and if I'm not confident in my ability to care for him, then that's not good, but he survived!”
In the future, Sonny can’t wait to take Tenzin to his first Saints game. “I haven't been a season ticket holder, so going to buy season tickets and being there with him and the family is very important to me. I also can’t wait to just throw the ball around with him. At the same time, I’m excited about him learning how to read and to start traveling. I think travel is a big thing. I definitely want him to be cultured and learn a couple languages.”
He continued, “So far, we haven’t done too much outside of the house, but he got to put his feet in the water in Destin for the first time and that was pretty cool. Actually, it was so much fun to bathe him for the first time and see his reaction because he started crying, but then he laughed!”
For those on the journey to fatherhood, Sonny said, “Prepare yourself. Even though being a father comes with a lot of responsibility, you also have to remember that you’ll never be given more than you can handle. Also, don’t worry about the attention that the mom is getting from everybody else because the fathers kind of get left out sometimes except when it's time to go buy diapers or bring home food for mom! All in all, fatherhood is a beautiful thing!”
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Last modified on Wednesday, 10 August 2016
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