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Musings of a First Time NOLA Mom: ‘After 8 months, I finally bought maternity clothes.’

Written by  LaTesha Charbonnet Gonzales
(Dress from Baby Bump Maternity) (Dress from Baby Bump Maternity)
Editor’s note: LaTesha is the wife of IntheNOLA founder, Jeff Gonzales, and editor of the site. She and Jeff are expecting their first child, a boy currently named “Baby G.,” at the beginning of October. LaTesha was “encouraged” to write “Musings of a first time NOLA mom” by her best friend and colleague, Heather Ferdinand, whose own musings are quite a bit different from LaTesha’s to say the least. Join LaTesha as she journeys her way through pregnancy IntheNOLA.

The other day, my bestie Heather Ferdinand so politely asked me, “Um, LaTesha, you wanna go looking around at some maternity clothes?” I instantly looked down at my too tight shirt that’s barely hiding my belly and my jogging pants that I wear because nothing else will fit and decided her question was so appropriately timed!
When I first got pregnant, I was so excited to get the baby bump and buy cute maternity clothes. However, that excitement was quickly squashed as everything I tried on didn’t fit (with a baby bump included). See, I’m little…always have been (I was always the first in line in elementary school) and always will be. I’m almost 5 feet tall (4’11” to be exact) with a normal weight of about 105 pounds.
While I started off at a healthy 105 pounds when I got pregnant, I quickly dropped to 97 within the first three months because of the all-day sickness. While my body was seemingly withering away, our sweet little Baby G. was getting all of his necessary nutrients (taking them away from me actually) and just grew and grew.
Now, I’m officially in my eighth month of pregnancy, the last trimester, the last leg of this journey (THANK GOD!) and I’m right at 114 pounds. No need to be jealous as this basketball of a belly is heavy on my tiny frame!
Needless to say, shopping for maternity clothes wasn’t all that fun in the beginning. In order for any tops to fit, they have to be an extra-small. And forget about bottoms…I just look plain ridiculous in them no matter how small they come.
But then we found maternity clothes heaven by the name of Baby Bump Maternity (2917 Magazine St. #102). Recently voted as the “Best Locally Owned Maternity Shop” by Gambit, Baby Bump Maternity is now one of my favorite stores with plenty of extra small and small sizes and a fantastic sales section of 50-75% off. The last time I went, I got some great pieces…three dresses and two shirts for under $150! And guess what…they’re having a Labor Day Sale this weekend with clothing from 50-90% off (I’m heading over there immediately after work today)!
Now, I do have a little rant to make about being pregnant and size, and don’t worry, it’s quick. There’s this tiny little thing that has bothered me from time to time in terms of my small stature. Yes, I’ve always been small. Yes, people feel the need to tell me how small I am on a regular basis. While being told how small I was pre-pregnancy didn’t annoy me so much, now it does.
At eight months, I’m obviously not as big as the average woman in her eighth month of pregnancy. I’m steadily gaining weight every week, but my body is still smaller than the average eight-month pregnant woman…and as it should be (could you imagine me walking around with the same size belly as someone who’s 5’6”…then y’all would really be talking)!
While I understand the need to comment on how small I am is not intended to be condescending or malicious, some comments are just down right ridiculous. For example:
“My goodness, women one-month pregnant are bigger than you!”
“Are you sure you’re eight months pregnant? You look like you’re about three.”
“I’ve never been that small in my life, even when I wasn’t pregnant!”
I’m a very confident woman, but in all honesty, when people say those kinds of things to me, it sometimes makes me feel like something’s wrong that I don’t look like other women, when I know (and the doctor, too) that Baby G. is healthy and growing. In fact, he’s the same size as other babies at this month; it just happens to be that my body isn’t growing as fast as my belly.
People like to assume that my pregnancy is just peachy keen because of my size; they think I run and frolic around all the time. But au contraire, this belly is heavy! And he likes to move it, move it in there even though there’s not that much room for him to be dancin’ and carryin’ on!
So that little rant was really just to say, “Be mindful of what you say.” Just as a pregnant woman doesn’t want to hear how huge she is, she probably doesn’t want to hear how small she is either, even if you think she’s the luckiest woman alive.
Anywho, rant done! Back to where we started…I’m loving my maternity clothes! They stretch and cover exactly what they need to and I feel so fun and flirty in them (or at least as flirty as I can feel at this point)!
To six more weeks (or less)!

See LaTesha's last posts, There’s no turning back now!, Why couldn’t we just lay an egg?, and I'm doing it ALL natural....
Last modified on Wednesday, 04 September 2013
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