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Meet Caprica | DSH

Meet Caprica | DSH

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Support your locals with a click!
Support your locals with a click!

Meet local celebrity models and their furry friends for LA/SPCA’s Alegria Fashion Show

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At IntheNOLA, we love our office pets and consider them to be a part of the IntheNOLA family. Ask our founder, Jeff Gonzales, and he’s glad to admit that he draws much of his inspiration from their goodness…and badness!
When IntheNOLA’s own Heather Ferdinand was asked to be one of the local celebrity models for the LA/SPCA’s 5th annual fundraiser and fashion show, Alegria, we were more than proud to have her as IntheNOLA’s representative animal lover!
Alegria started a few years ago as an idea from co-founder and designer John Delgadillo of Cutting Edge Diva and has become the hottest fashion event of the summer!” said Marisa Collins, Events Coordinator for the LA/SPCA. “All proceeds benefit the LA/SPCA Community Clinic. We’re able to use the funds to help people who are struggling financially to keep their pets healthy and at home. The event includes a designer competition, new couture lines from Cutting Edge Diva and the previous year’s design winner, a special show featuring local burlesque celebs in Nola Bikinis, plus a silent auction and free-flowing specialty cocktails from Pinnacle Vodka, Sauza Tequila, Maker’s Mark Bourbon, and Cruzan Rum.”
She continued, “In addition to our fabulous fashion models included in the design competition and couture lines, this year we added celebrity models and fundraising pages for all models. The top three celebs will get to strut the catwalk with their pet! We’ll feature the top fashion model and top celebrity model in the Best of New Orleans’ August 27 issue. Our celebrity models include Heather Ferdinand, Lauren "FleurtyGirl" Thom, Chriss Knight, Princess Stephaney, Reagan Charleston, Aaron Williamson, and Shanna Forrestall.”
IntheNOLA got together with some of the local celebrity models for a photo shoot to showcase their beloved pets!

Reagan Charleston of Reagan Charleston Design | 
Reagan Charleston of Reagan Charleston Design
Bijou, Beignet, and Puff
Custom jewelry maker Reagan Charleston and her three pups, Bijou, Beignet, and Puff, were camera ready! “When I was asked to be a fundraising model,” said Reagan, “I jumped at the opportunity. My husband and I spent some time volunteering with the LA/SPCA during his time with the New Orleans Saints. I have always been astounded by the dedication and commitment of the staff and volunteers at the LA/SPCA. They do some incredible things for the animals in our community and I love being able to help and contribute to their outreach.”

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Heather Ferdinand of
Heather Ferdinand of
Noumpsey, Gnuzzo, Naghini, Nola, and Nietzsche
Since there was no getting the IntheNOLA office cats out into the open, we had to snap a few shots in their space! “I was honored to even be considered a local celebrity,” Heather exclaimed. “Admittedly, I wasn’t always an animal lover, but having to share office space with a number of big personality cats, I have come to love and appreciate each of them for their individuality. One of the goals of IntheNOLA is to find ways to give back to the community and being a fundraising model is just that!”

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Actress Shanna Forrestall of Southern Fried Homicide |
Actress Shanna Forrestall
Gigi and Easy
Actress and host of the true-crime anthology “Southern Fried Homicide,” Shanna Forrestall along with brother and sister dachshunds, Gigi and Easy, were ready for an afternoon of play in City Park! “I’m a dog lover and I’ve always had pets my whole life,” Shanna said. “I think animals are like children; they can’t look after themselves, so it’s our job in the universe to look after them and to make sure that they are taken care of. Animals are forgiving, peaceful, and just bring so much love into our lives and the least we can do is look after them.”

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Chriss Knight of NOLA Soci@lite | 
Chriss Knight of NOLA Soci@lite and Clover boutique
Chloe, Cue, and Hampton
Chriss is always finding ways to give back to local charities and the LA/SPCA is one of her favorites. “Anything I can do to help the LA/SPCA, count me in!” Chriss said excitedly. “I am a huge animal advocate and fashion lover, so it makes perfect sense for me to be a part of this fantastic event. I have three adorable pets who truly brighten my day. Animals deserve to be loved just like us humans. The work the LA/SPCA does to support animals in need and find them forever homes is heart-warming and amazing.”

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Celebrity Fitness Trainer Aaron Williamson |
Celebrity Fitness Trainer Aaron Williamson
At Coliseum Square Park, Aaron and Rose, who is currently up for adoption, had a great time together frolicking around the park. Rose, a playful and active, people friendly bull terrier mix, was excited for her day out of the shelter. “What it comes down to is that I’ve always been an animal lover and I want to do whatever I can to support what the LA/SPCA is doing,” explained Aaron.

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Lauren Thom of Fleurty Girl |

Lauren Thom of Fleurty Girl

Lauren Thom and her Chihuahua terrier mix Zulu enjoyed themselves on the Lakefront. “Zulu is not just a part of our family, but a part of our Fleurty family," Lauren shared. "She is always in the shop with me and we actually have people to call to find out which shop Zulu is at so they can come and visit her!" Lauren is excited to be a fundraising model for the LA/SPCA. "I’m not just a cat or dog person; I love all animals. I want to do what I can to help other people get exposed to animals.” 

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Princess Stephaney was unable to attend a photo shoot session but to support her, click here!

We hope to see you there supporting all of our furry friends!

WHAT: Alegria: The Fashion Show
WHEN: Saturday, August 17 (2:00pm-5:00pm)
WHERE: Generations Hall (310 Andrew Higgins Dr.) 

Last modified on Wednesday, 07 August 2013

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