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Musings of a First Time NOLA Mom: ‘Why couldn’t we just lay an egg?’

Written by  LaTesha Charbonnet Gonzales
Editor’s note: LaTesha is the wife of IntheNOLA founder, Jeff Gonzales, and editor of the site. She and Jeff are expecting their first child, a boy currently named “Baby G.,” at the beginning of October. LaTesha was “encouraged” to write “Musings of a first time NOLA mom” by her best friend and colleague, Heather Ferdinand, whose own musings are quite a bit different from LaTesha’s to say the least. Join LaTesha as she journeys her way through pregnancy IntheNOLA.
Why couldn’t women just lay an egg? I mean, I’d sit on it all day for nine months if it meant I could have my body back.
Yes, New Orleans, I am pregnant with my first child. Yes, I am beyond thrilled about the little NOLA baby coming in October…
On the other hand…no, New Orleans, I’m not quite the typical pregnant woman. Yes, there’s a great miracle that’s happening in my body…but as I said in the beginning, I just want my damn body back!
While my husband, sister and sister-in-law, grandparents, and best friends are just so ecstatic and “in love” already, I find myself thinking, “Just what in the hell are they love with it exactly?” You can’t see him nor hear him or touch him. But, then again, you might be in love with the steady kicks and punches to my abdomen when trying to sleep. Or how he forces me to excuse myself from the table when there’s red sauce cuz he won’t tolerate it. Or how many times I wake up with leg cramps, heartburn, and constant peeing in the middle of the night. Yep, who wouldn’t love those things about a little NOLA baby…
But let me tell you the things that have really given me so much love so far:

- Eight weeks of daily “meetings” with the toilet throughout the day. And I wasn’t biased to what toilet to meet with…home, work, Target…they’re all the same.

- The poking, prodding, sticking, etc. from doctor and baby. I’ve been poked more times in the last five months than in the last five years.

- Worrying about what cannot be eaten (deli meat, certain cheeses and fish) and what cannot be used (using certain nail polishes, perfumes, lotions, and soaps, no Jacuzzi.

- The high blood pressure that he brought with him.

- And lastly, but certainly not least, wondering exactly how this whole “getting him outta me” is gonna look and feel.

Alright, alright, it’s not all bad…I usually get to eat first when there’s a line. I don’t have to lift anything. I can walk as slow as I want. I can excuse myself from anything whenever I want and nobody wonders why. And lastly, but certainly not least, there’s a little NOLA baby growing inside this ever-expanding belly :).
Before I go, I do have a serious question: How soon can Baby G. start getting his proper New Orleans nutrients after he’s born? You know, beignets, red beans and rice, gumbo, etc.?

See LaTesha's last post, Musings of a First Time Mom: There's no turning back now!
Last modified on Friday, 02 August 2013
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