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RioMar’s ‘Farewell to Meat’ dinner kicks off Lent

Written by  RioMar
Pleasures of the Flesh: Rio Mar's Carnival 'Farewell to Meat' Celebration

Legend has it that word Carnival comes from the Late Latin expression Carne Vale, which means "farewell to meat", signifying the last days when one could eat meat before the fasting of Lent.

With that in mind, RioMar invites you to a fest of Dionysian proportion. RioMar may be known for its seafood, but they can cook up meat with the best of them.
Join RioMar on Thursday, January 31 for a one-night-only revelry of soon-to-be-forbidden pleasures, and debauch yourself in a most delicious manner!

Check out the menu:

Short rib stew (Korean spices, Chow Chow)
Rabbit cassoulet (Rabbit sausage, rabbit leg confit, truffle)
Wild boar timbale (Porcini mushrooms, braised greens, crispy shallots)
Roasted venison rack (Grilled cornbread, pistou manchego, mint pesto, goat cheese)
Grilled beef petit filet (Jamon iberico, oxtail ragout, fideos, sweetbread 'popcorn')
Bacon-chocolate torte (Preserved cherries, dulce de leche ice cream)

Dinner is $55 per person. Optional Spanish red wine pairings for $25. To reserve your table, please call (504) 525-3474.

WHAT: RioMar's Farewell to Meat Celebration

WHEN: Thursday, January 31

WHERE: RioMar (800 South Peters St.)

Last modified on Monday, 28 January 2013
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