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Christmas giving Son of a Saint style

Written by
Bivian ‘Sonny’ Lee, III, founder of local organization Son a Saint, hosted Christmas Son of a Saint style with the support of New Orleans Hornets center, Robin Lopez, and the enthusiasm of fifteen young, fatherless New Orleans males.
The celebration started off with Sonny and Robin at the heads off the table and Sonny’s “sons” along the sides waiting patiently to see exactly what “Dad” had in store for them. For Sonny, there is a lesson to be learned in everything and Christmas was no different. He explained how much he stresses to the boys that the decisions they make now will affect them later. Robin elaborated with a glimpse into his own experiences adding that, “It's hard to change your spot later on. It's more difficult. If you have the proper work ethic in place, you can adapt.”
Sonny and Robin also emphasized the importance of teamwork, not just on the field or court, but in life and everyday experiences. “Teamwork didn't end when the time on the court expired,” Robin said. “I had a good group of friends and we kept each other grounded and out of trouble.” When discussing the significance of money management, particularly for an athlete, Robin stated, “It’s important to have good people around you. And you have to firmly be able to say no. I buy comic books and movies; I don't really go for the jewelry, cars, or expensive clothes.”
When Sonny opened the floor up for the boys to ask get questions, there were plenty. When asked what size shoe he wore, Robin replied 20, which resulted in a collective gasp followed by chairs pushing back from the table as everyone tried to get a glimpse of what a size 20 shoe looked like in real life.
After talking with the boys, it was time to get down to the nitty gitty, the presents! The boys received: dictionaries, sketchpads, a map of the world, Monopoly, Adidas shoes and gear, a remote control helicopter, books, and sports equipment.
After each boy had his gift bag of Christmas goodies, Sonny took a moment to review the lesson that matters most. He told the boys, “Always take the opportunity to be thankful for the things people do for you.” He directed each of them to take out their sketchpads and complete a drawing, writing, or any kind of expression to show their gratitude.
We hope that Sonny, Robin, the Son of a Saint boys, and all our fellow New Orleanians enjoy the holidays this year! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Last modified on Wednesday, 10 August 2016

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