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Meet Diamond | DSH

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Why you should register for the Mardi Gras Color Run

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If you missed last weekend's Color Run, you missed out on one of the funnest (yes, we said 'funnest') times we've had IntheNOLA. When we would tell people that we were running a 5k at 8:00 on a Saturday morning, they seemed to think that we were a little crazy. And who could blame them...who in the hell is actually excited to be running three miles on a Saturday when everybody else is nice and cozy in their beds at such a good awful hour!

Well, Team IntheNOLA was enthused and ready to go! Decked out in our all white (including handmade, local tutus), we made our way to the UNO Lakefront Arena. As far as the eye could see, there was white, and white, and more white (do you think this is what heaven is like?).

But, that white didn't last very long. Nope, at each kilometer, we were blitzed with orange, then blue, plenty of yellow, and finally pink. What started off as pristine runners in white ended up with everyone looking like they took a little stroll with Rainbow Brite through Rainbow Land. 

It. Was. Awesome!
The Color Run New Orleans |
Runners included the men and women, slow and speedy, and young and old. There was a bride and groom (who really got married), men in tights, Raggedy Anns, a couple in white Hazmat suits, and a trio of proud b****es (their word, not ours) - Skinny, Fast, and Birthday. All of these characters and thousands more ran through the streets of New Orleans waiting to be doused with color...and NO ONE was disappointed at the end!

The Color Run has been termed "The Happiest 5k on the Planet," and guess what??? It certainly was!

Lucky for you, there's another one coming up in February, the Color Run Mardi Gras New Orleans. We HIGHLY suggest you register for it NOW, as it's quick to sell out. You'll definitely want to be a part of all this fun and not just have to read about :).
Mardi Gras Color Run 2013 |
Photo's by Jeff Gonzales & Martin Landrieu
Last modified on Monday, 26 November 2012

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