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‘The Color Run’ is painting New Orleanians yellow, orange, pink, and blue

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UNO Lakefront Arena. Check. 5k around the Lakefront. Check. Wrist band, head band, running shoes. Check, check, and check. Being pelted with yellow, orange, pink, and blue as you’re running. Check???...just what in the world are they gonna think of next!
The Color Run, known as “The Happiest 5k on the Planet,” will be making the people of New Orleans all kinds of pretty. Here’s how it works: You wear as much white as possible and line up at the starting line. Each kilometer of the run bears a different color: yellow, orange, pink, or blue. As you pass each kilometer, you’re blitzed by one of these colors (don’t worry, the colors are all 100% natural and safe). Don’t want to get too much, be sure to run in the middle. Wanna be a walking rainbow, then the outsides are for you!
"The Color Run was created by Travis Snyder, an experienced runner who put on his first triathalon ten years ago and decided to make an event that was for everyone, not just runners," said Jackson Cozzens, Public Relations Coordinator. "He wanted an event that would get people running and motivated to live a healthy lifestyle."

You don’t have to be an experienced runner to enjoy The Color Run because it's for EVERYBODY…runners, walkers, crawlers, and strollers. So, no matter your speed, you’re welcome to enjoy the event.

The Color Run is just awesome!” said Cozzens. “You can expect to have a fun, crazy day with your friends and family. At the finish line, there’s music, color, people, a dance party, and contests. It’s seriously one of the most fun days of the year.” 
The Color Run New Orleans 2012’s official charity is the Arts Council of New Orleans, a non-profit organization that provides cultural planning, advocacy, public art, economic development, arts education, marketing, and grant and service initiatives focused on its vision of New Orleans as a flourishing international center for arts and culture.
Even though this Saturday’s Color Run is sold out, everyone’s still invited to watch. “The Color Run is very visual and fun to watch, so you can come out and be a spectator."  And if you're a spectator this go round, don’t worry! You'll have your chance to run in The Color Run Mardi Gras New Orleans coming up on February 9. Register today cuz they are sure to sell out fast! 


WHAT: The Color Run Mardi Gras New Orleans
WHEN: Saturday, February 9
WHERE: Starting at New Orleans City Park
And if you don’t make it to The Color Run Mardi Gras New Orleans, you got one more chance with Color Me Rad, April 14, 2013. Registration hasn’t opened yet, but be sure to get on their email list to be one of the first to know.

Last modified on Tuesday, 13 November 2012


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