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Love in the Garden brings together New Orleans artists and entrepreneurs

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Love in the Garden, the New Orleans Museum of Art's annual fundraiser in the Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden in New Orleans City Park, has got to be one of our favorite events. Food, music, and a little love under the trees, stars, and sculptures.

In preparation for Love in Garden, IntheNOLA had the immense pleasure of getting together some of our best local entrepreneurs and artists for a fun photoshoot inside the garden. With experts in photography, fashion, makeup, and hair, the IntheNOLA photo shoot was nothing short of breathtaking.

Let's take a look at just who made this photoshoot spectacular:
Makeup artist Charlie McLoughlin of The Makeup Lab Artistry and hair stylist Mindy Hobley of Ringletts Salon brought their 'A' game, giving each of the models their own edgy, sexy, and fashionable look. Local fashion designers Jolie Bensen and Sarah Elizabeth Dewey of Jolie and Elizabeth provided the gorgeous dresses from their 2012 Fall Collection with boutique owner Meg O'Reilly of Abeille NOLA adding those extra details with shoes and accessories. And we can't forget Gabrielle Smith of Lady Marmalade Catering & Cuisine who stole everybody's hearts (and stomachs) with her delicious spread of spinach and salmon dip, fruit salad, turkey croissant sandwiches, chicken salad lettuce wraps, and homemade cookies. If that wasn't enough, gondolier Robert Dula of NOLA Gondola brought his beautiful gondola "Bella Mae" (who was a star in her own right). Kinda wishing you were there, huh?
Love in the Garden photo shoot |
So, just who were these "models?" Well, we were lucky enough to have the always stylish Chet Pourciau of Chet Pourciau Design (and who also happens to be a nominee for Rubenstein's 2nd Annual Men's Style Awards), local singer Sasha Masakowski, Love in the Garden Co-Chair Karen Gundlach, and the ladies of IntheNOLA, Heather E. Ferdinand and LaTesha Charbonnet Gonzales.

Ok, so you got the makeup, hair, shoes, accessories, dresses, and models...there's something missing, isn't there?

Well, we absolutely can not forget our phenomenal photographer, Babs Evangelista of Babs Evangelista Photography! From the first model pose to the last click of the camera for the night, Babs entertained and energized everybody. She captured the essence and atmosphere of the sculpture garden and the personalities of the models. Without Babs, the IntheNOLA photo shoot would not have been the true success that it was.

And guess what? Every one one of these people, EVERY ONE is LOCAL! To have so much support between these artists and entrepreneurs was unparalleled...LOCALS supporting LOCALS! The shoot showed firsthand how truly talented our local artists and entrepreneurs are and how willing they are to come together to serve a greater purpose for our community. This is what IntheNOLA is all about!
Love in the Garden photo shoot |
So, without further adieu, check out the fantastic photos and when you're done, make sure you get your ticket to Love in the will not be disappointed.

Featured in the photos are the following models and their respective attire:

Heather E. Ferdinand - "The Chelsea"
Karen Gundlach - "The Sage Wrap"
Chet Pourciau - Brinkman's Menswear
LaTesha Charbonnet Gonzales - "The Jackie"
Sasha Masakowski - "The Esplanade Gown"

Thank you again to all the participants of the photoshoot! Special thanks to Kristin Jochem, Grace Wilson, and Pamela Buckman of NOMA.

Last modified on Wednesday, 12 September 2012

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