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Meet Caprica | DSH

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A first timer at The Munch Factory

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I’d heard about The Munch Factory more than just a time or two, but my curiosity was peaked when Wild Wayne emphatically expressed how good it was. When asked what kind of food it was, he said, “It’s different. It’s a different take on flavor.” Well, that didn’t really answer the question, but it further sparked my curiosity because he wasn’t the first to tell me about this spot in Gentilly called The Munch Factory.
Well, The Munch Factory celebrated its “Re” Grand Opening on last Saturday, September 8th. At a quarter to six, there was a line of nearly a dozen already at the door. People were greeted with hugs, kisses, ‘how ya doin’s,” and it just felt like family.
We started off with a delicious Munch Punch cocktail courtesy of Old New Orleans Rum, passing the time with good drinks and great friends as we waited for the grand finale…the food!
The Munch Factory Gentilly | IntheNOLA.comWe got to try out some new wings that may be added to the menu, which we give two emphatic thumbs way way up! Our table enjoyed gumbo with plenty of rice (how many of y’all have gone to a restaurant and they give a little bitty spoon of rice?) We also had Crawfish and Corn Chowder, Shrimp and Grits, Fines Herb Chicken, and Shrimp Remoulade Fried Green Tomatoes. Yes, I said fried green tomatoes! Can I just say that having a place to get fried green tomatoes is totally a childhood dream come true (since it was always one of my favorite movies).
We all at least tasted each other’s dishes and lemme tell you, I am hooked! Every single, solitary dish was a 10!
I’m eager to say I’ve tried everything on the menu because this isn’t the type of spot where you go to always get one favorite dish. That may very well be an impossibility!

Truth be told, The Munch Factory might be my favorite restaurant in the city!

Been to the Munch Factory and loved it? Tell us about it!

Last modified on Monday, 17 September 2012
Heather E. Ferdinand

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