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Meet Caprica | DSH

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Will this be the month YOU become a 610 Stomper?

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"We don't want dancers who want to dance. We want dancers who have to dance." – Slab of the 610 Stompers

Slab is an ordinary man. He lives and works in New Orleans, enjoys being out and about, and is the Chief Dancing Officer of the 610 Stompers.
Wait. Hold up. Rewind. Yes, New Orleans, you read it right…Chief DANCING Officer. See, while Slab may seem like an ordinary man, do not be fooled. Cuz this man has some “extraordinary moves” as is required of all 610 Stomper men, New Orleans’s one and only all-male dance group. When you see the red sweatbands, red satin jackets, knee-high white socks, and short blue shorts dancing your way, you better watch out and take heed!
And Slab’s moves are quite extraordinary. Asked about how he got the name Slab, he so simply replied, “I guess it's the way I work the concrete when I'm dancing on the streets of New Orleans.” Classic…just classic.
Well, next Saturday, 610 Stomper wanna-be’s from all over the city will have the chance to show off their moves to Slab and other 610 Stomper members at their annual auditions!
Over the course of two days, prospective 610 Stompers will be taught a dance, which they will have to perform in front of a panel of judges as well as a New Orleans crowd! Wanna watch the auditions go down? Don’t worry, you can! For a small donation (tba), you’ll be able to get into the audition room to watch the action and the 610 Stompers promise it will be worth it!
Alright, New Orleans? Where’s all the ordinary men with extraordinary moves?

WHAT: 610 Stomper Auditions
WHEN: Round 1 – Saturday, August 18/Sunday, August 19 (Participants must attend one of these days in order to advance to the next round.)
Registration 11:00am-3:00pm; Auditions 1:00pm-6:00pm
WHERE: The Maison (508 Frenchmen St.)

Last modified on Tuesday, 14 August 2012
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