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Memories and moments with Uncle Lionel

Written by
Painting by Terrance Osborne Painting by Terrance Osborne
New Orleans, our favorite uncle, Uncle Lionel Batiste, is now second-linin’ in heaven. His host of NOLA nieces and nephews will definitely miss him!
So, share your favorite memories and moments of Uncle Lionel with us.
From Varion Laurent:
R.I.P Uncle Lionel. I'm wearing my watch on my hand instead of my wrist. I remember hanging with him on Frenchman St. one night and I asked, “Say Unc, why you wear your watch that way?” And he replied, "Cuz this way I'll always have time on my hands nephew.” I will miss Uncle Lionel, always dressed sharp and surrounded by beautiful women.

From Bella Blue:
Uncle Lionel was so funny and amazing. I had the pleasure of traveling with him last year. While on the way back from a gig, he was telling a story and I asked him, “Uncle Lionel, how many kids do you have?” He said, “A considerable amount.” Lol!!!! Rest in peace. You will certainly never be forgotten.

From Rollin Garcia:
Uncle Lionel was a kicks old dude! I loved when he came to my place, everybody just gravitated towards him. He always used to ask me why I didn't play for the Saints!

From Jerry Moran:
One of the coolest cats around, just glad to know him as a friend. Funny, every time I think of the times we were able to spend together, whether at my studio or just shootin’ the shit outside The Marigny, at some point in all the stories, I'd be bent half over in stitches laughing with tears coming out of my eyes...A good man and proud to call a friend. ;-) Much love Uncle Lionel.

From Donna Crump:

I can still remember when Uncle Lionel got with me and gave me the most amazing dance at The Troy “Trombone Shorty” Andrews & Orleans Ave. concert at the HOB. He will be missed, his humor and the chain!!!!!!!!! RIP Uncle Lionel, a legend.

From Basin Street Records: 

Uncle Lionel sharing the high life at my youngest son's first Jazz Fest.


A memorial fund has been set up for Uncle Lionel Batiste at Liberty Bank and Trust. Donations can be made to the fund by going to any Liberty Bank and Trust branch. If you have any questions, please contact Glenda McKinley at (504) 915-1552. For those unable to make bank transactions online, checks in any currency (overseas too) may be mailed to the following address:

Uncle Lionel Batiste Benefit Fund c/o Liberty Bank
P.O.Box 60131
New Orleans, LA 70160-0131

Last modified on Wednesday, 11 July 2012
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