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Meet Little Momma | Maltese mix

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Recap: 610 Stompers drop their 2nd ball at ‘3rd Annual Ball Crawl’

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Here in New Orleans, if there’s one thing we know how to do better than anybody else, it’s putting on a great party. Whether we’re at a parade route with family and friends or tailgating in front of the Dome before cheering on the Saints, we know how to throw down! We know how to drink. We know how to dance. And we love to let loose. 
This past Saturday, we got to do just that decked out in our best 80s attire with endless beer and the amazing 610 Stompers leading the crowd through the streets of New Orleans with their extraordinary moves at their 3rd Annual Bar Crawl!
It all began Uptown at Grit’s Bar on Lyons St. Since nobody can get down like the 610 Stompers can, they took some time to show us how to execute those extraordinary moves. Then, we took it to the streets, dancing our way to The King Pin Bar! Once we arrived, everyone got to fuel up on ice cold beer, cheer on the contestants of the Best Moustache contest, and dance, dance, dance!
From there, we made our way to St. Charles to bring the dance party to Fat Harry’s, with their phenomenal chicken nachos and…more ice cold beer and a Best 80s Workout Gear contest. With so much neon colored spandex and netting, the crowd had a difficult, but entertaining time picking a winner. Of course, a party ain’t a party if there isn’t at least one group line dance. So there right in the middle of St. Charles, we made it electric with one of the biggest Bus Stops I’ve ever seen! Not even the rain that came pouring down could stop this party!
The convoy headed down General Pershing to Le Bon Tomps Roule on Magazine St. for more ice cold beer and a limbo contest, where Team InthekNOwla showed them how to get down! With music blasting, we danced to everything from Pitbull to Flo Rida to Cyndi Lauper! La Cocinita Food Truck even parked on the side to fill party goers with their fabulous Latin American cuisine. 
But it wasn’t over! Leaving Le Bon Tomps, the revellers took it back to Lyons St. for the block party in front of F&M Patio Bar. And what would a 610 Stompers party be without a dance off? Contests pulled out all their best moves in what had to be one of the best dance offs I’ve seen in a while!
Aside from all the dancing and partying, the Ball Crawl was also a party with a party. Proceeds from the Ball Crawl benefited local non-profit, The Roots of Music, a free, year-round, music education program for middle school children in New Orleans.
So if you missed it, you definitely missed out! But not to worry, this is an annual event. Be sure to sign up early next year for what is guaranteed to be another throw down show down, dance around town for a good cause by the amazing men of the 610 Stompers!

Last modified on Tuesday, 12 June 2012

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