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Meet Ali | Pit Bull mix

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Eat Local Challenge Week 1: The challenge begins!

Written by 
The 2012 Eat Local Challenge has officially begun! Check out how Glynda's doing on the first leg of the challenge with Team InthekNOwla!

After a wonderful kick-off party on the rooftop of Rouses, Day 1 of the Eat Local Challenge began with the realization that I was not as prepared as I should have been. The only local products I had to see me through the day were Creole tomatoes and cucumbers! What?! I was not excited to say the least.

Determined to start without using anything but local products, I chopped up my veggies and prepared a big salad seasoned with my Breaux Bridge salt….mmmmm good. To ease the rumbling of my tummy, I also sipped on some warmed Bissap Breeze, how delectable!
Later on, some friends and I were going to get together for dinner and the more I thought of the tasty dinner I planned, the more excited I became. Walking into Castnet Seafood on Hayne Blvd., I smiled. Now, this is definitely New Orleans. Fresh fish, boiled seafood, po-boys, buckets of oysters, and people almost crammed to each wall! I got my drum and headed home to prepare the evening meal. As a newbie gardener, the thought of preparing something for my friends with ingredients from my garden was elating.

I chopped up my global basil added some garlic and olive oil to make a spicy fragrant pesto for the fish. Next, picking some leaves from my chocolate mint plant, my mouth salivated with anticipation for this evening’s cocktail which would be prepared with Old New Orleans Rum and Bissap Breeze. Talk about a sensual, sweet summer cocktail!

As I prepared the meal in my great friend Caron Garel’s kitchen, I was filled with a sense of fulfillment and appreciation. For me, the act of preparing a meal includes the love and energy that goes into pleasing the palate of those at your dinner table.

Like any great experience, enjoying a meal is about the sum of all its parts.  Standing amongst Caron’s burgeoning garden, about to prepare dinner for her and another great friend, Janese Brooks-Galathe, both of whom are from Lafayette, the question arises:

What could be better than great friends, great food, great drink and great conversation? In the city of New Orleans, the answer is nothing!

So my first day culminated with a meal that was 85% local and 100% phenomenal!

Day to Hollygrove Market!

Last modified on Monday, 04 June 2012

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