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Eat Local Challenge 2012: Meet Team InthekNOwla

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New Orleans. June 1-30. Local food. 200-mile radius. Lawd have mercy.
The 2012 Eat Local Challenge is fast approaching and Team InthekNOwla is gearing up for it! Throughout the challenge, we’ll be giving you regular updates about how the challenge is going (or not going) for our team. Each week, one of the team members will take the lead on eating locally and keeping you informed of recipes, foods, problems, and resolutions he/she comes across. At the end of the week, that team member will hand off the local carrot, cucumber, chicken wing, Old New Orleans Rum bottle in our very own Eat Local Challenge Relay!
Eat Local Challenge 2012 | InthekNOwla.comSo, let's meet the members of the InthekNOwla Relay Team:
Starting the relay off strong will be Glynda Ferdinand:
Current Eating Habits: “Currently, I try to focus on a balanced healthy diet. As I am a huge proponent of a healthy lifestyle, my food choices include fresh fruits and vegetables, seafood, poultry, and whole grains. Though being from New Orleans, I've got to indulge in fantastic cocktails and decadent goodies.... all in moderation!”
Why the Eat Local Challenge: “Firstly, I want to lead by example. It is vitally important with the current state of our economy that we support local businesses, especially our farmers, marketplaces and restaurants. We cannot rely solely on tourist dollars to support our community. It is imperative that we create a circular economic flow in order to nurture, support, and advance our city. Supporting our local businesses also creates more jobs, which can create more business... It's a win-win! Not to mention the health benefits of eating fresh local products!”
Level of Strictness: Lenient

Eat Local Challenge 2012 | InthekNOwla.comGlynda will then be handing off a bottle of Bissap Breeze to LaTesha Charbonnet Gonzales:
Current Eating Habits: “I am an extremely picky eater, but the older I get, the more my taste buds change. I love all the New Orleans goodness as much as the next person, but I’ve had to learn to balance the fried shrimp po-boys and smothered pork chops and mashed potatoes with grilled seafood and meat, salads, and tons and tons of vegetables.”
Why the Eat Local Challenge: “The older I get, the more my body tells me that it NEEDS better food. Many of us don’t take the time to listen to our bodies, but they do indeed let us know that if you continue to put ‘bad’ things in, bad will also come out in the form of weight gain, acne problems, aches and pains, diseases, etc. Therefore, I really want to challenge myself to put as much ‘good’ in as possible and sit back and watch the good results.”
Level of Strictness: Strict

Eat Local Challenge 2012 | InthekNOwla.comEric Clavo’s gonna be waiting to receive the bottle of Old New Orleans Rum from LaTesha:
Current Eating Habits: “I will eat mostly anything, but mainly poultry and seafood.”
Why the Eat Local Challenge: “This is a great opportunity to show that you can make a good meal using nothing but homegrown foods.”
Level of Strictness: Lenient


Eat Local Challenge 2012 | InthekNOwla.comAnd for the final leg with an ear of corn, Heather Ferdinand will be finishing it off strong:
Current Eating Habits: “I am definitely a loyal Rouses shopper and cook the majority of my meals at home, opting to eat outside of my home only once or twice a week.”
Why the Eat Local Challenge: “Garden parties have never been so popular here in the city, but then again neither have community and neighborhood gardens. With so many locals growing delicious seasonal fruits, vegetables, spices, etc., I’m extremely excited and inspired to take the challenge of bringing many of these local foods into my home and daily dishes. I'm thrilled about getting involved and educated as to all our region has to offer, from Ponchatoula strawberries and Creole cream cheese ice cream from New Orleans Ice Cream Company to snap peas, okra, and eggplant not to mention the juicy shrimp and backyard bayleaf bushes. There are plenty of local products and crops for a new kind of creative local cuisine. The best part about participating is knowing that I'm doing my part to support and give back to my local community!”

Level of Strictness: Ultrastrict

All right, New Orleans, Glynda, LaTesha, Eric, and Heather are ready for their mission…to eat LOCAL! How about you???
For more information about the Eat Local Challenge, please visit the website, Facebook, and Twitter.
WHAT: Eat Local Challenge 2012
WHEN: June 1 – June 30

Last modified on Wednesday, 30 May 2012
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