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Beer drinkers rejoice at New Orleans International Beer Fest

Written by  Eric Clavo & Heather E. Ferdinand
This Saturday was a beer drinker’s day made in heaven! The sun was shining, Champions Square was full of lively festivalgoers, and there was far more beer than you could possibly sample at the New Orleans International Beer Festival.

No really, we did the math. At two ounces a taste and more than 150 beers, there were potentially 300 ounces of beer to sample. Divide that by 16 ounces (the equivalent of one pound of beer) and it would require gaining nearly 20 pounds in beer to get a taste of them all! Nonetheless, InthekNOwla put forth a great effort and after carefully trying nearly every beer, here’s a list of some of our favorites:
Best Local Beer
7th Street Wheat by NOLA Brewing
Brewed from wheat, citrus, and a hint of basil, this light-bodied beer will be sure to keep you cool as the weather begins to heat up.
Best Non-Traditional Beer
Artisanal Reserve Honey Crisp Cider by Crispin Cider Company
If you don’t like the flavor of wheat, barley, hops, and the like, this may be more of your style. This alcoholic apple cider with a touch of honey was absolutely one of the most delicious beers at the fest.
Most Unusual Beer
Ghost Face Killah by Twisted Pine Brewing Company
Named after one of the founding members of the Wu-Tang Clan, this was one of the strangest beers at the festival, made with six types of peppers, including the infamous ghost pepper!
Best Summer Beer
Coney Island Albino Python by Shmaltz Brewing Company
This beer was one of the most flavorful beers of the entire festival. Crafted with wheat, oats, pils, crushed fennel, and ginger, the Albino Python presented itself as the preeminent frontrunner for what beer you should be drinking all summer. This refreshing beer with a hint of sweetness will couple well with any event.
InthekNOwla’s Choice
Canebrake by Parish Brewing
We take our beer tasting very seriously and this category gave us quite a challenge with so many amazing beers. However, a victor emerged. This up and coming brewery from Broussard, LA produced one of the most refreshing beers of the entire festival. The Canebake is a traditional wheat ale, but the added surprise is the addition of cane sugar into the brewing process. This made for one of the most crisp and clean beers with a very palatable taste, making any kind of beer drinker a happy one! We look forward to welcoming them to a New Orleans market by the fall. 
And we can't forget the delectably filling tacos with aioli sauce just 2 for $5 to keep beer drinkers going between samplings in addition to the sounds of upbeat live music to keep beer hoppers bopping!

Just 365 days or so ‘til the next Beer Fest...yep, the countdown begins now!

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Last modified on Wednesday, 28 March 2012
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