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Meet Ali | Pit Bull mix

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The Queen of the Wet Twist-Out

Written by  Curly NOLA

Blog Bio: Hello Hair Lovers! I'm currently in the process of transitioning from the creamy crack world into the natural world. And lemme tell you, it definitely ain't been easy! Follow my journey as I learn about being natural (after 25 years of having relaxers) and embrace it in all its beauty.

I think I have finally mastered the wet twist out. As I’ve said before, my hair is really long, past the middle of my back with the majority of it being relaxed (the last relaxer was in March 2009). So, the first time, I had my sister twist it for me and what a surprise (insert sarcasm) it was to behold that the hair wouldn’t stay twisted. After she would get to the end, I had to hold all of them to keep them from untwisting.

Now I’ve done the twist out four times and my hair is finally becoming used to being curly. The first two times, I used Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding and the third/fourth, Curly Meringue. And I like both of them. I don’t have a strict preference between one or the other. Both of them smell really good, but Curly Pudding has a lighter hold than Curly Meringue to me. So this is what I’ve learned so far:

1. Condition, condition, condition, I can’t say it enough. The twist outs work so much better after I have sat with conditioner in my hair or gotten under the hair dryer for a deeper conditioner.

2.Be sure to separate your hair into manageable sections. At first, I was just working from the bottom up. But the hair starts to dry at the top, which causes a tangled mess and lots of breakage when you try to comb it out. Instead, I separate into five sections which has worked wonders.

3. In the beginning, I had the problem with my hair not twisting at the ends because of the relaxed ends. I should have bought hair rods to put at the ends, but I didn’t. If your hair is doing this, I’m sure the hair rods would quickly remedy this problem. Now that I’ve done it a couple times, my hair is much better at curling at the ends.

4. Be sure to dry hair completely so that the twists stick. The next day, I usually keep the twists in when I go to work (a scarf helps give them a more refined look) and take them out that night if I’m going somewhere or wait until the next day.

5. Retwist at night before you go to sleep and wear a satin scarf. It keeps them from drying out too much. When I untwist, I put in a little Baby Buttercreme to smooth fly aways and give a little moisture.

I’ll be seeing some of my family this week , and it’ll be interesting to hear what they have to say when they don’t see me with the usual bone straight hair. Next week, I’m headed to a wedding and I’m gonna try the wet and go look. Let me know of any tips you guys might have...I would love to hear them!

Last modified on Monday, 28 June 2010
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