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Meet Bootsie | DMH

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Happy Birthday to Founder Jeff Gonzales!

Written by

Living InthekNOwla is quite easy. While there’s always something to do, there’s no sense of urgency to do it. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are just as special as Fridays and Saturdays…who knows what treasure you’ll find on any given day of the week.
Well, we have treasure to share with all of you that just happens to fall on a Thursday, today. While there’s a great fundraiser happening tonight at Bayou Beer Garden, RAFApalooza, an awesome play, Hip Hop is Alive, at Café Istanbul, and countless other events in the city, we at InthekNOwla wanted to make mention of one very special event and person. The birthday of our great and fearless leader, Mr. “Born, Raised, and Still Here” Jeff Gonzales!
I know we’ve said this countless times before, but Jeff IS New Orleans! Aside from a few non-negotiable sojourns to far away places (i.e. Houston and Atlanta) courtesy of Hurricane Katrina, Jeff has been and will always be New Orleans.

Those who know Jeff know that he likes to talk…I mean REALLY likes to talk. Within five minutes of meeting him, you’re sure to get the low down from how the VR Troopers were the best twerking group years ago (of which he was a part of) to the foreign policy of Barack Obama to the best place to get a shrimp po-boy dressed to the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche. If you’re not careful, he just might run a few circles around you without either of you realizing it!
And with all this talk, Jeff is even better at doing. InthekNOwla started as just a simple idea…a simple website…a simple mission. But this simple idea has blossomed into what we know as, a hub for all things LOCAL…businesses, events, artists, entrepreneurs, causes, and so on. And we are ever so lucky to be a part of the InthekNOwla team.
So, Mr. Gonzales, we wish you a very happy birthday. Take today and enjoy some of the wonderful things you write about. Maybe go have some lunch at The Munch Factory or drink some NOLA Brewing or buy yourself some art by Varion Laurent.
Whatever you do, enjoy it. Happy birthday, Jeff!

Love, Your InthekNOwlians

*Wanna wish Jeff a happy bday? Leave him a comment below!

Last modified on Tuesday, 13 March 2012
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