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If Feeling Good Were a Color: A Terrance Osborne Exhibition

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(InthekNOwla) -- How do you know when you’ve arrived at the house of local artist Terrance Osborne? Well, by the absolutely amazing painting that is his door, of course! How else are you supposed to walk into his house…the only way is through his art!

And once you’re inside, you’re transported into the “World of Osborne:” soft music, dimmed lights, burning incense, and paintings…big ones, small ones, tall ones, large ones. Paintings as high as the ceiling and others we could hold in our hands. And from all those wonderful scenes and colors, there is a huge feeling of relaxation, of calmness, of simply, enjoy yourself right here and right now at this moment with no worries of the past or future. InthekNOwla did NOT want to leave!

Terrance Osborne is a renowned local artist having worked with such organizations as the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival for their official poster to Nike on a design for a tennis shoe to the New Orleans Hornets and premiered several exhibitions and commissioned pieces. And for his upcoming exhibition this weekend, Terrance and his wife, Stephanie, are giving back.

Terrance explained, “Every year we have an art show in which we sponsor a non-profit. This year, we chose the New Orleans Ballet Association (NOBA), a truly selfless organization. They hold about 3,000 tuition-free dance classes a year to people who otherwise could never to go to a dance class. One hundred percent of the proceeds from opening night as well as 50% of the proceeds of the feaured piece and 10% of all other sales at the exhibition will go straight to NOBA to help them provide costumes, equipment, and other dance materials (tights, leotards, and shoes) to students who can’t afford them.”

One of the pieces created specifically for the exhibition entitled Sydney’s Moment shows Terrance’s seven year old daughter as a grown up prima ballerina with her mother, Stephanie, watching front and center from the audience. And lemme tell you, it’s breathtaking!

Terrance stated, “Other than my titles of father, husband and artist, I'm a creator. I spend my time creating and showing others that they are creators also. If you recognize my potential for being creative, then you recognize your own.” His favorite piece is From Nothing, "a painting of a tree that has in it all the seasons from beginning to end. It's almost like an eternal presence. It represents every part of the year,” he said. 

And don’t think that the creativeness starts and ends with Terrance. Nope, this is a family of artists, the “House of Osborne.” He told us, “I’m not the only artist in the house. Both my children and my wife are artists. My 16 year old son has sold some of his own artwork for $100. I sold my first piece in the 10th grade for $55, so he has already bested me! Not only are my children aware of their art, but they’re also conscious of the marketing aspect of it. When they create something, they tell me how to hang it in the gallery and how much it costs too!” 

Of course, we ask Terrance what was the one thing he loved about New Orleans. He said, “I love New Orleans for being very visually stimulating. That may seem like an obvious answer for an artist, but it's so much more than that. If you grew up here, you see bits and pieces of the stuff that reminds you of your upbringing. When I'm painting, I'm basically recreating all those visuals and collecting them in a sense.” And what a beautiful collection of memories his paintings are!

So, please come out and support Terrance and Stephanie Osborne as they raise money for the New Orleans Ballet Association. And be sure to visit them on their online gallery at and get your own “memories.”

Terrance Osborne Exhibition

If Feeling Good Were A Color 
An Art Exhibition and Reception by Terrance Osborne

December 4, 2010 

Harrah's New Orleans Hotel and Casino 
228 Poydras Street, Vieux Carre Ballroom 2
 New Orleans, LA 70130

COST: $35 per person or $50 per couple


American Heart Association Video from Terrance Osborne on Vimeo.

Last modified on Wednesday, 01 December 2010
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