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Meet Ali | Pit Bull mix

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Hollygrove Market & Farm

Written by Staff

(InthekNOwla) -- NEW ORLEANS | This Saturday, InthekNOwla went to a great market in the city, the Hollygrove Market & Farm.

Yep, you read it right, the HOLLYGROVE market...strange sounding, isn't it? Well, it's true, there is a market and farm in Hollygrove. As you're riding on Carrollton Avenue with the never ending construction, it's hard to believe that just off the street, there are local and organic fruits and vegetables ready for the taking. And since we're trying to lead healthier lifestyles here at the InthekNOwla, we decided to stop by and see what we could get.

"Hollygrove Market & Farm has developed and operates a CSA-style (Community Supported Agriculture) retail market. We are different in the fact that we bring the farm to the table by making fresh produce available to the consumer without a committment to buy shares in a farm. Our average grower is only 65 miles from the market, cutting down transportation times and allowing us to offer you  produce at its freshest. In addition to our market, we operate an urban farm containing farm plots, demonstration beds, and community gardens. The mission of the farm is to provide information and training to backyard gardeners interested in growing organic fruits, herbs, and vegetables. We strive to make our urban farm accessible and relevant to everyone from first time gardeners to experienced farmers," as explained by their website.

In one part of the market, you have the choice of a "Buyer's Club Box." "For $25, you get a box of local, seasonal produce, so the ingredients can change every week. This week, we got 3 nectarines (AL), one bunch of basil (LA), an icebox watermelon (Ponchatoula), one pint of organic blueberries (MS), 3 organic yukon gold potatoes (Kinder, LA), 1/4 lb. of baby shiitake mushrooms (MS), 1/2 lb of green beans (Garyville, LA), one pepper and eggplant (LA), 2 tomatoes (Springfield, LA), and 2 ears of all natural corn (Folsom)...yep, ALL of this! And, you have the choice of buying other things a la carte, like: cucumbers, zucchinni, peaches, beans, squash, rice, bread, milk, cheese, pasta, pasta sauces, salsa, jams, jellies, and yogurt.

Now, of course this a great idea. But, we couldn't help but think that the people coming to this market were not people who actually live in Hollygrove. Honestly, even though $25 is great for a box of produce, the truth is that a box of produce does not go very far in filling people's bellies. For $25, you could get tons of other stuff, albeit unhealthy, but nonetheless knowing that you're family will not have a grumbling stomach.

This very issue was raised on Facebook the other day and this is what Hollygrove Market & Farm had to say: "The issue of affordability for residents is an often asked question here at the market and I can assure you that it is one of our highest priorities. The higher prices at our market result from increased product cost for us. The mark-up rates for our produce are in line with industry standards and we never, for any reason, gouge prices. I can guarantee the prices we offer on local produce are comparable to or below similar items in grocery stores throughout the city. In an effort to make the store more accessible to those with a limited income, we are in the process of obtaining a credit card machine which will allow us to accept food stamps. In the meantime, we offer the opportunity to volunteer in exchange for a box of produce for those who cannot afford the cost of a weekly produce box. If you or anyone you know if the Hollygrove neighborhood is interested in this opportunity, please have them contact the market and we will be more than happy to accommodate."

So with that being said, check out the Hollygrove Market & Farm for some healthier eating!

ADDRESS: 8301 Olive St.
New Orleans, LA

HOURS: Sat. 10am to 2pm
Tues. 12pm to 6pm

See images from the Hollygrove and Arts Markets HERE!

Last modified on Thursday, 12 August 2010
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