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Meet Diamond | DSH

Meet Diamond | DSH

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Cocodri- Honoring Louisiana's Yard Dog

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(InthekNOwla) -- One thing that I have a deep appreciation for is reptiles. I literally grew up with a swamp for a backyard. There was my house, a levee, and the swamp, in that order. Needless to say we spent many of summers playing out on the boat, either water skiing, fishing, or just swimming. We always knew which canals were off limits to skiing and the sign for "alligator behind you, don't drop the rope" was usually my maw maw frantically waving her arms up and down.

Alligators were brought to the brink of extinction but due to conservation efforts have proliferated and have established healthy populations. Due to an over abundance of this ancient animal alligator farms* can be found all over southern Louisiana, harvesting the reptiles for their meat and skin.



Cocodri is a small Lafayette based company that elevates this beautiful animal's hide into art. Working with local trappers and craftsman each item is individually designed to showcase the beauty of Louisiana's natural resources.



Cocodri carries wallets, belts, flasks, and women's clutches. These items would make a great gift that can be passed down from generation to generation.


Purchases can me made at Cocodri's website or at the following locations:



New Orleans

Style Lab for Men

Ralph Goodyear





*Okay now I'm going to geek out on everyone. I do NOT condone buying any other reptile product. Many wild populations have been critically depleted due to taking animals out of the wild for their skin. In fact California banned python products. Every purchase you make is a VOTE saying "Yes I support this". If you choose to enjoy these goods consider buying them secondhand or vintage, that way you are not directly supporting illegal activities.

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