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NOLA Eats’ Third Annual King Cake Tasting Party

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(InthekNOwla) -- NEW ORLEANS | If you know like we know at InthekNOwla, ain’t but one king cake that’s worth mentioning. Yeah, they got Haydel’s and Randazzo’s and Adrian’s and Sucre, but we all know that the best king cake in the city of New Orleans is...McKenzie’s!

Now, some of you may disagree with us (although we’re not really sure why), so here’s a great chance to sample of the best king cakes in the city and decide which one’s best at NOLA Eats’ Third Annual King Cake Tasting Party at Barbara Yochum’s 906 Dream Studio this Saturday at 7:00pm!

NOLA Eats, founded seven years ago by Leslie Almeida, combines the best of both worlds: great company and even better food at monthly dining events around the city. Past events have ranged from Lebanon’s Cafe and Cochon to Ernie K-Doe’s Mother-In-Law Lounge and La Cote Brasserie.

So, let’s talk about this King Cake Tasting Party...and we don’t know about y’all, but we love us some king cake (and we're loving it even more since Mardi Gras is late this year, which means we have even more time to enjoy it!). Who’s gonna be there, you ask??? Everybody! Domenica, Haydel’s, Cake Cafe & Bakery, Sucre, La Dolce NOLA, Maurice French Pastries, Randazzo’s, McKenzie’s, and more! And guess what? Cold Stone Creamery is even submitting an ice cream king cake! Lawd, have mercy, instant diabetes!

At last year’s tasting, the winner was Sucre with a close second coming from Cake Cafe & Bakery followed by Haydel’s in third. And not surprisingly, some feathers were a little ruffled by the top two because they could be considered “non-traditional.” But don’t worry, at this year's competition, there are 3 categories: traditional, non traditional, and homemade king cakes (including a savory king cake - i.e. roast beef, provolone, peppers, you know regular food ingredients).

So who’s gonna win this year? Well, you already know we gunning for McKenzie’s off top, but hey, we’ll try the others out to see what they working with!

Unfortunately (or fortunately :), NOLA Eats' Third Annual King Cake Tasting Party has sold out, but now you know what to look forward to next year...and get them tickets early!
Last modified on Friday, 25 February 2011
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