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Fashion Week New Orleans – March 15-18, 2011

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New Orleans, we have it all. There’s no need to go anywhere else cuz if you need it, New Orleans got it. Food, check. Music, double check. People, plenty. Culture, please. And now fashion. What more could you ask for?

While New Orleans may not be on the same level in terms of fashion as a Paris, or Milan, or New York, the great thing is…we’re not trying to be! You know us New Orleanians have always moved to our own beat and this new fashion beat is all ours.

Yes, New Orleans, it’s time to get ready for Fashion Week New Orleans, “showcasing 25+ runway shows, from retailers and boutiques to emerging and established Gulf Coast designers, as well as nationally renowned designers and fashion brands.”

Tracee Dundas, founder of Fashion Week NOLA, has always loved fashion, having previously owned a modeling agency and worked in the film industry as a costumer and wardrobe stylist. She explained, “I’m always dressing people and looking at styles and creating looks. I love to go into a thrift store and walk through the racks and put something less expensive with something more expensive and create a whole new look. I used to teach modeling and I used to tell my girls that if you can take something from a thrift store and make it look like a $500 outfit, then you’re doing your job.”

For someone who loves fashion, you might think that New Orleans may not be the best city to explore…until now. Tracee said, “I was surfing the Internet looking at some things that were happening in other cities and I saw that regional sized fashion weeks were happening in a lot of other places. If you did a little research, you’d see that they are all over the place. So, I was like, ‘Why not New Orleans?’ Fashion is my life; it’s what I do and it was something that I wanted to really bring to the city.”

And there you have it, Fashion Week NOLA, which officially kicks on Tuesday, March 15 at Twist (Mike’s on the Avenue Restaurant). “The next three days are going to consist of runway shows,” Tracee added. “Everything takes place at The Sugar Mill. I love the venue. I call it a blank canvas; it has a tent feel to it just like in New York at Bryant Park. This is our “tent” and wer’e going to set up the stage and lighting perfectly, basically of the same caliber that you would see for a New York runway show.

“Also, within the event we’re having a top design competition. The winner of this event will get a chance to showcase their collection in Hemline Boutique for 90 days. In addition, we’re going to help them build their website and have a photo shoot for their collection. So, it’s a really nice prize package. And of course, we also have a number of boutiques with a combination of high end and low end fashions to meet the needs of everyone, not just one type of clientele.”

In addition to promoting fashion, many non-profits are involved with Fashion Week NOLA, including Dress for Success, the New Orleans Firefighters, NO/AIDS Task Force, and the Fashion Institute of New Orleans.

Tracee is very excited for the first annual Fashion Week NOLA. She said, “I’m excited about our designers. It’s going to be an impressive group of artists and talents. They all have a very varying eye and they are all going the extra mile themselves. And of course, I can’t say enough about our sponsors, including Hemline and Saks Fifth Avenue. The other sponsors we have are our hair and makeup people who are going to be helping out backstage to create the looks. I’m happy that we have The Stardust of New Orleans, Keith Noonan Salon, H2O Salon & Spa, The Makeup Lab Artistry, and Make Me Up. Also, Frederick's of Hollywood is just getting into the swimwear category and are supplying us with some pieces as kind of a sneak peek. We also have a great line up for men.”

So, get out your most fashionable clothes and support this great event, Fashion Week New Orleans, March 15-18 at The Sugar Mill!

For more information about Fashion Week New Orleans and the upcoming events for the week, please go to their website at And you can also find them on Twitter and Facebook.

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Last modified on Thursday, 08 November 2012
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